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Multi-Dimensional Recording Artist Iniko on Inspiring Shonen Anime and Characters That Fit Their Lyrics

Apr 17, 2024 10:00 AM CDT
“You finding me is not a coincidence!”


What Anime Should You Watch Part 2 (Spring 2024)


This Week in Anime - Are This Season’s Isekai Anime Any Good?

by Lucas DeRuyter & Nicholas Dupree, Apr 18th 2024


Well besides Slime? Dropped Banished Hero. Level 2 Cheat skill is still pretty good thanks to Fenrys showing up. Re:Monster has it’s moments too. ( Had to scratch my head that people were bitching about Goboru getting laid in the latest EP of Re: Monster)

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Bōken Tairiku Ania Kingdom Stop-Motion TV Anime Gets 2nd Season in Summer

posted on 2024-04-18 12:00 EDT by Alex Mateo
Toy animal franchise reveals 3 new characters


Aristocrat with an appraisal skill is… There… But the second episode is slightly better than the first… Being honest that I’m really hoping it gets better when Loli Mikan shows up… And the ED is beautiful…

The New Gate is Kirito getting Isekaied…

Chilling with a cute Foxgirl is enjoyable, mainly cause of said cute Foxgirl.

Banished former hero… Yeah… @Series5Ranger is better than me for already dropping it…

Slime, I’m not watching.

Konosuba, I still have to watch the second half of the Megumin prequel first.

Re:Monster, I’m not watching.

Yeah Konosuba is still great too

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Voice Actor Takuya Eguchi’s Egumi Legacy Card Game Gets Anime

posted on 2024-04-19 08:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Eguchi designed characters, established worldview for card game released in 2022

Sanrio, JO1’s JOCHUM Characters Get TV Anime

posted on 2024-04-19 11:55 EDT by Alex Mateo
Anime based on boy band JO1’s characters debuts this summer

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Loner Life in Another World TV Anime Debuts in October 2024

Apr 21, 2024 6:11 AM CDT
New teaser trailer, staff and cast additions revealed for upcoming isekai fantasy adaptation

“The Most Notorious ‘Talker’ Runs the World’s Greatest Clan” Novels Gets TV Anime in October

posted on 2024-04-21 08:23 EDT by Egan Loo
Daiki Yamashita, Yū Serizawa, Yousuke Omomo star in Felix Flim×GA-CREW anime

Strawberry Prince Group’s Strawberry School Festival!!! Film Reveals July 19 Debut in Teaser

posted on 2024-04-21 11:55 EDT by Anita Tai
LIDEN FILMS. animates origin story with members voicing themselves

10 Anime to Watch If You Like Fallout

Apr 21, 2024 11:00 AM CDT
From post-apocalyptic to cozy campfire scenes

Baku Yumemakura’s Garoden Novels Get Netflix Anime on May 23

posted on 2024-04-22 05:14 EDT
Ryōta Takeuchi stars as Jūzō Fujimaki in NAZ anime

RE: MediaOCD

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Former MAPPA Executive Establishes New Anime Planning Company

posted on 2024-04-22 12:00 EDT by Alex Mateo
Makoto Kimura’s Blue Rights to produce TV anime, films, manga, novels, more

Japan’s Animation Home Video Sales Decrease Again by 8% in 2023

posted on 2024-04-22 15:00 EDT by Alex Mateo
Japanese home video sales down 0.4% from 2022

AniimEigo Town Hall

A reminder…We didn’t buy the whole company

  • MediaOCD now owns the brand and media business
  • Robert and Natsumi still own AnimEigo the Corporation
  • R&N still have full control over Macross II
  • R&N have 1-2 other Kickstarters to announce
  • MediaOCD gets to make “mass market” versions ONLY AFTER KS editions sell out

Our Goals
Keeping the Spirit of AnimEigo Alive

  • High quality, faithful presentations (incl. translation, video, design)
  • Direct fan interaction with staff*
  • Invite creator involvement*
  • Go SEVERAL extra miles
  • No “this is trash but it’ll sell” titles
  • Fewer titles, higher quality

What will change?
Most small details

  • More “normal” (non-KS) releases
  • Expanded scope into newer titles
  • Subtitles more in line with MedaOCD standards
  • Renewed focus on marketing, reaching broader anime audiences
  • Experiments with the web store
  • More crowdfunding? Maybe. We’ll wait for R&N to finish

Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 Price Cut!!
Now only $17.99 (it was $24.99)

MediaOCD Store
Thank you to everyone who has ordered!

  • Well love it when you buy our discs, but tbh we get a LOT more money when you buy direct
  • All forthcoming releases will have web store exclusive slip covers
  • Shipping services by Fulfyld in Alabama
  • Customer service by Caleb (please be nice to him)

Some harsh realities…
Not to get all serious

  • Buying AnimEigo was EXPENSIVE for a tiny company like MediaOCD
  • It’ll take a while before we can afford big new titles
  • We need to raise some cash
  • The AnimEigo library has some bangers, but is only 8 anime and 2 samurai movies (make that one samurai movie)

Sort of an announcement
Riding Bean - mass market Blu-ray

  • New encode, menu and packaging
  • NOT INCLUDED: new Sonoda art/comic, mini game (those were KS exclusive)
  • Only $17.99
  • Coming in September

Rebuild of AnimEigo
The Blu-ray part, we’ve got down

  • Step 1: Preserve the classics
    Our goal: Keep “classic” AnimEigo titles in print
    Looking into making HD remasters for remaining DVD-only titles
    DVDs will stay in print until there’s a Blu-ray available

Rebuild of AnimEigo
The Blu-ray part, we’ve got down

  • Step 2: Introduce the classics to a new audience
    Make/encourage memes from our shows
    Build awareness with new merch drops
    Cut new trailers

Rebuild of AnimEigo
The Blu-ray part, we’ve got down

  • Step 3: License new shows
    Curated selection - better, not more
    Unearthed classics
    Looking at anything pre-2010
    Generally staying away from anything too trashy
    Goal: 1 release/month by 2025

Updating Existing Discs
Minor tweaks shall be made…

  • Bubblegum Crisis, Megazone 23, MADOX-01 will go OOP once stock runs out
  • Will be reissued with new packaging, slightly revised authoring (we’re moving replicators)
  • Will offer an upgrade program if significant enhancement are made

Q&A: more https://youtu.be9JmmDbL6p4

  • Gunsmith Cats BD re-release?
  • Probably not. Keep trying. Can’t get clearance for mass market release.[/QUOTE]

Kimitoshi Yamane MONOGRAPH art book - Import

dyed line

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HundredBurger’s Ninja to Koroshiya no Futarigurashi Comedy Manga Gets Anime by Shaft

posted on 2024-04-23 05:17 EDT by Joanna Cayanan
Manga about female ninja, high school girl assassin living together launched in 2021