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‘Gintama The Very Final’ Debuts In Movie Theaters Across the US

Oct 9th 2021
Third and Highly Anticipated Final Chapter of Hideaki Sorachi’s Original Manga Series Comes to Theaters for Two Nights Only

Gintama THE VERY FINAL Premieres In US Theaters On November 21 & 22nd

November 08, 2021 1:42pm CST
Tickets for English subbed and dubbed screenings in select theaters on sale now

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Kagura Snaps! | Gintama

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REVIEW: Gintama THE VERY FINAL Is the Very Best of the Wacky Franchise

November 17, 2021 10:00am CST
Gintoki leads us into the actual finale for the 15-year-old anime series

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In the past, I’ve reserved tickets online and paid the extra fees associated with said purchases. I’ve discovered, however, that the demand in Tulsa is such that I can buy my ticket the day of the movie’s showing and save the extra fees.

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ANN Review - Gintama: The Final

by Grant Jones, Nov 21st 2021

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Gintama The Very Final Anime Film Launches in West on Home Video on February 8, Digitally on January 25

posted on 2021-11-30 13:00 EST by Alex Mateo
BD/DVD release includes 16-page booklet

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Gintama THE VERY FINAL (2021) - Official Trailer (HD)

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Gintama Anime Plans Its Final Settlement Event in Tokyo on March 19, 2023

October 10, 2022 11:27pm CDT
All of the main voice cast will gather

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Gintama Post-Anime Celebration Festival Gets Farewell Visual

November 14, 2022 1:13am CST
The event will be held on March 19, 2023

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Gintama Manga's 3-Nen Z-Gumi Ginpachi-Sensei Spinoff Novels Get New Anime - News - Anime News Network

posted on 2023-03-19 08:29 EDT by Joanna Cayanan
Tomohito Ōsaki’s spinoff about Ginpachi Sakata as a high school teacher

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In addition to episode 248 featuring a character voiced by Yami, saw this while watching it the other day:


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Gintama Anime’s Thorny Arc Episodes to Get Theatrical Screening in November

Sep 3, 2023 11:30 PM CDT
Merchandise featuring newly-drawn illustration will also be on sale


Gintama Anime’s ‘Baragaki’ Arc Also Gets Compilation Screenings on November 10

posted on 2023-09-04 23:33 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda


Gintama Anime Unveils 20th Anniversary Project Visual

Oct 9, 2023 11:18 PM CDT
The anime soundrack concert will be held in February 2024

Check Out Gintama on Theater 2D: Baragaki-hen Anime Film Trailer

Oct 20, 2023 12:23 AM CDT
First week theatergoers will receive a basketball uniform keyholder

The 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-Sensei Anime Announces 2025 Premiere Date

Dec 16, 2023 7:44 PM CST
The Gintama 20th anniversary exhibition is scheduled for winter 2024

Gintama Anime’s Courtesan of the Nation Arc Also Gets Compilation Screenings in June

posted on 2024-02-11 19:08 EST by Anita Tai
Arc follows episodes 257-261 of anime