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Genres: adventure, science fiction
Themes: aliens, fighting, superhero
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-07-12
Opening Theme: “Crowds” by White Ash
Ending Theme: “Innocent Note” by Hajime Ichinose

Plot Summary: The story takes place in the early summer of 2015 and is set in the city of Tachikawa, Japan. The city is populated by people known as Gatchaman, who are warriors that fight in special reinforced suits that are powered by the manifestation of spiritual powers of living beings called NOTE. Enter Hajime Ichinose, a 16 year old energetic high school girl who is obsessed with collecting day planners and stationary. She is chosen to become a Gatchaman and tasked with the duty of fighting a mysterious alien life form known as MESS. (from ANN)

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Official Japanese Website

ANN Page

Genres: science fiction
Themes: aliens, fighting, superhero
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-07-04
Opening Theme: “Insight” by WHITE ASH
Ending Theme: “60 Oku no Tsubasa” (6 Billion Wings) by ANGRY FROG REBIRTH

Plot Summary: A year has passed since the “Tachikawa Incident” in summer 2015. CROWDS – the system that turns the mentality of humans into physical form that Berg Katze gave to Rui Ninomiya after extracting his NOTE – has spread among the public. Prime Minister Seitaro Sugayama backs the plan, but not everyone agrees with his policy, and a mysterious organization attacks Sugayama’s vehicle, marking the start of a series of new conflicts. (from ANN)

Episode 1 –


It’s great to see another generation of Gatchaman! Unfortunately, it’s nothing like the original.

This one is a bit more of a comedy, thanks to Hajime. The existence of Gatchaman is supposed to be a secret, but Hajime likes to blab. LOL She also has a thing for notebooks and really loves her new one. I have to feel sorry for Sugane!

The Gatchaman CAGE is really cool and colorful, and so are the other characters. At least Hajime learns fast. The transformations are pretty cool too. I really want one of those NOTE books!

It starts a little slow but is getting a lot better starting with Ep. 4

I’m up to Episode 6 and the series has evolved into a study of heroism.

Episode 2 –


Hajime seems to be enjoying her new powers, but still won’t listen to Sugane, much to his annoyance. And what makes things worse is that Hajime moves in with Sugane and Paiman. That really gives him a headache! LOL But he seemed to enjoy her compliments on his cooking, even when she helps him “improve” it. I can only wonder what was in that neon colored sauce! LOL

Hajime has some interesting friends and I think Sugane was impressed with this other side of her and may be coming to understand her a little better. But she still wants to know what the MESS are and why they are fighting them. With her love of life, she’d like to get to know them better. But again, that annoys Sugane. She has some other interesting opinions too and even decorates her NOTE, much to Paiman’s dismay.

In the end Hajime does make friends with a MESS when she refuses to fight one. But I wonder about that GALAX app – it seems that there may be more to it than meets the eye. Rui looks like an interesting character too and also has a NOTE, although he doesn’t appear to be part of the team.

Episode 3 –


MESS doesn’t seem to be the enemy anymore and no more humans have been abducted. In fact, the missing humans have all been returned, but without any memories of what may have happened to them. But the Gatchaman group still need to figure out how the MESS work and how they communicate. However, Paiman still wants to exterminate their new friend – if he can catch it.

Rui and GALAX are still a bit of a mystery. There is also an AI that runs the program – “X”. I’m not sure if he’s trying to improve the world or just playing a game. Perhaps it’s even something more sinister.

Hajime continues to see the good in everyone and everything, and this still annoys Sugane. I guess GALAX does have some good uses. X does try to help people and warned everyone about the bad milk. Again, Hajime took matters into her own hands and rallied the students. She made Sugane the decoy which was pretty funny, but at least everyone at school was warned about the milk in time. Still, there are many that don’t trust GALAX. And maybe that’s a good thing.

There’s a mysterious redhead that’s causing trouble. I wonder if this is the one responsible for the abductions. After a major accident, Rui releases “Crowds” to help with the rescue, but also mentions playing the game. So much mystery!

Episode 4 –


Rui can use Amnesia Effect too! Those “Crowds” things can’t be seen by anyone and they seem to be pretty efficient. The accident victims are rescued without incident and more people now have faith in GALAX.

Jou faces the weird redhead and is told that the planet is doomed. He seems to have a NOTE as well, and creates havoc with it. Jou loses the fight and back at the CAGE, tells the others about this violent alien that can disguise itself as a human. He also tells them that it had a NOTE. It might be a Gatchaman! O.D. and Paiman seem to know something about it and Paiman orders everyone to stay away from it. Hajime looks like she wants to make friends again!

Paiman and O.D. talk about the alien and the past. It looks like there is a lot connected and none of it good. This alien also has a name - Berg-Katze. Hajime smells a mystery and is determined to solve it. More is discovered about Utsutsu and now I know why she always seems so sad. It must be hard never to be able to touch anyone, because of a fear that you may hurt them. But if anyone can help her, it will be Hajime.

Berg-Katze knows Rui! He was the one that gave Rui his NOTE. Now, I am even more suspicious of GALAX and I wonder if Berg-Katze will somehow use it to destroy the planet. People are still denying that they have committed crimes and Berg-Katze tells Rui that it’s the black human heart that committed them. He also tells Rui that they should start a “revolution” together before he leaves to get some outside “exercise”, and I’m sure that will involve more crime. At least Rui seems not to like Berg-Katze very much and still has his own plans.

A day out shopping, and Rui witnesses firsthand the horrible things that Berg-Katze can do. Now Rui knows how the crimes are being committed, and that Berg-Katze can also call up the Amnesia Effect. Berg-Katze teases Rui and tells him that the festival has begun before he disappears. I can see how this is going to turn into a story of heroes as Series5Ranger had said.

Episode 5 –


Hajime finds out that the Gatchaman have never fought together and she also wants to know why they have to sneak around. I have a feeling that they are going to be fighting together at some point against what Hajime calls the “bad Gatchaman”.

JJ’s messages are always so vague and it takes a while to figure them out. X is the only one that Rui trusts. He needs to get out more! And it looks like GALAX has a troublemaker rival, but X has shut it down. It looks like Number 26 of Rui’s “100” is going to be a problem. I think Rui is also a little idealistic. The world he wants seems impossible.

Talking to Berg-Katze outside makes Rui seems a bit of a nut. When an earthquake happens in the Kantou region, I wonder if it was natural or Berg-Katze’s doing. He urges Rui to use CROWDS in the rescue effort and I’m not sure how he’s involved in that. But Berg-Katze is enough to drive anyone insane!

Hajime has one of her GALAX Collage Club trips and this time it’s a bus trip to Fukushima. Not only does Sugane go, but Jou and Utsutsu as well. JJ’s message comes to pass when they drive into a tunnel that has partially collapsed. People are trapped and need to be rescued, and the GALAX community goes into action. However, there aren’t enough of them and X tells Rui that he needs to use CROWDS, but he doesn’t want to. X reminds Rui that CROWDS is his power and not Berg-Katze’s.

Disaster strikes when more of the tunnel ceiling collapses, but Rui is suddenly there with his CROWDS. The Gatchaman don’t know what’s going on and Sugane activates Amnesia Effect, but it’s already been activated by someone else. Hajime is all excited of course. The others think the Rui may be the “broken child” from JJ’s message and that would make sense. Rui starts the “game” and the CROWDS go into action. Hajime wants to get in on it, but Sugane orders her not to use her Gatchaman powers. But when an explosion occurs, Hajime can contain herself no longer and becomes a Gatchaman and then Rui seems to recognize her! I wonder if Rui will eventually ally himself with the Gatchaman. It would probably make sense for him to do so.

Episode 6 –


Sugane follows Hajime further into the tunnel. People are still calling out for help and one woman grabs Utsutsu’s hand. Luckily, it’s the correct hand and the woman heals. Seeing how she can help, Utsutsu quickly makes her way to another injured man, healing him as well. Jou reminds her that it will kill her, but she doesn’t seem to care. Jou pulls her away as she screams out that she wants to save them. Seeing her determination, Jou offers her his life force, and Utsutsu makes copies of herself to help everyone.

Sugane makes it to where Hajime and Rui are and is stunned that Rui can see Gatchaman. Rui asks Hajime if she’s a Gatchaman, and she says that she is. She says “Amnesia Remind” and uncovers her face. Sugane seems pretty angry as Hajime introduces herself to Rui. Rui is not impressed and leaves her. Sugane grabs her and carries her away in the opposite direction. But the tunnel’s cameras have recorded Hajime and it seems that now everyone will know that she’s a Gatchaman.

Hajime is exposed on every conceivable news outlet, but at least they don’t have her name. Still, not many believe that Gatchaman even exist. It was funny that someone thought Hajime was just cosplaying. However, those that know Hajime, recognize her immediately. Rui decides that he will take advantage of the Gatchaman.

Sugane is angry with Hajime for breaking the rules, but can’t seem to yell at her. However, Paiman has no problem with that and really lets her have it. At least Paiman is nice enough to ask JJ to spare her life, but he gets no response. JJ doesn’t seem to be reachable at the moment, so Paiman decides they should go on hiatus and keep a low profile for a while.

I like how Hajime cut up her dress to make Utsutsu a present. By the time they go out, it looks like she cut it up a lot more, since Utsutsu’s hair is covered in bows. Hajime is so impulsive! At the stationery store, she’s attacked by a group of new reporters. Hajime is being honest again and when Sugane tries to stop her, they think he’s her boyfriend! It was nice of Rui to send people to rescue her.

While Hajime and Utsutsu hide, LOAD sends Hajime a message and tells her that many reporters are still in the area. He tells her that if she accepts his invitation, he can help her escape. Utsutsu says it sounds “fishy”, but Hajime accepts. X begins to give her the instructions to escape and Hajime thinks it will be fun. But the reporters find her right away and it soon looks like a parade. However, Hajime and Utsutsu still get away in a game of “rescue the princess”. Knights come to save her, but she doesn’t like being called a princess. Both Hajime and Utsutsu start to enjoy themselves as they evade all the reporters.

Sugane also receives an invitation from LOAD, as Hajime and Utsutsu arrive at a fancy hotel. They are taken upstairs and meet Rui. Hajime tells him how much fun she had getting there and LOAD tells her that is the world he wants to create with GALAX. Hajime is surprised to find out that LOAD is behind GALAX. Sugane arrives at the hotel and activates Amnesia Effect.

LOAD offers to erase all of the information about Hajime that’s currently circulating, but Hajime says that she doesn’t care, and she knows that Rui is a guy too although he’s dressed as a girl again. He sees Sugane hanging from the ceiling and announces that the last guest has arrived. Sugane must be surprised that his Amnesia Effect isn’t working.

Rui talks about the world he wants to create, and Hajime tells him how wonderful GALAX is. Rui then asks them to stop being Gatchaman, saying that Gatchaman aren’t necessary in the GALAX world to come. Sugane confronts him on that statement, and Rui tries to explain his reasons. Rui wants to turn the entire world into heroes! He wants them to stop being Gatchaman and become GALAXters. During this, Hajime pulls out her NOTE, and tells Rui that it’s her favorite. Rui asks them again to stop being Gatchaman, and while Sugane sees his point, he thinks that Gatchaman are still necessary.

Hajime just blurts out that she won’t stop, and asks Rui about all the “sparkly things” that were at the tunnel. Rui pretends ignorance, and after a moment of gazing at him, Hajime tells Rui that he’s prettier without makeup. So, I guess that ends that! On the way home, Sugane sends Hajime and Utsutsu on ahead, telling them that he hadn’t deactivated Amnesia Effect, but could still be seen. Sugane says that LOAD also reacted to Hajime’s NOTE when she took it out, and pretended ignorance about the tunnel. Sugane says that it’s all just too suspicious, and that there must be something more to LOAD. Hajime just says, “of course there is”, surprising Sugane. Still, Sugane turns to go back. Rui thinks about Hajime’s makeup comment, and thinks she’s an “amazing girl”. She sure is!

Sentai Filmworks Press Release

[quote=“Series5Ranger”]It starts a little slow but is getting a lot better starting with Ep. 4

I’m up to Episode 6 and the series has evolved into a study of heroism.

It took 1/3rd of the series for it to start to pick up?

I can’t say that fills me with confidence about this show.


[quote=“Series5Ranger”]It starts a little slow but is getting a lot better starting with Ep. 4

I’m up to Episode 6 and the series has evolved into a study of heroism.

It took 1/3rd of the series for it to start to pick up?

I can’t say that fills me with confidence about this show.[/quote]
Basically it’s the introduction phase as Hajime becomes a Gatchaman and is introduced to everyone, and the whole MESS thing is wrapped. It still introduces the GALAX App, X, Berg Katse and Rui, it’s just I felt they could have skipped the whole MESS thing and got right into the main story. I do see why they did it this way though, because it shows that Hajime is a very “out of the box” thinker and her and Sugane make nice foils for each other.



September 8th @ 7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PST / Episodes 1-3

September 9th @ 7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PST / Episodes 4-5

Episodes 6+ Mondays @ Same time

Episodes 01 - 03 are now LIVE!

Episode 7 –


Rui going up against Berg-Katze wasn’t a very good idea at all. Whatever made him think he could defeat someone that powerful? Good thing Sugane and Jou were there. The Gatchaman are going to have to fight as a team to go up against Berg-Katze. The one-on-one battles aren’t working at all.

At least Rui was honest with Sugane and told him about Berg-Katze and CROWDS. And Jou has to realize by now that he’s no match for Berg-Katze either. Finally got to see Paiman transform! Awesome! But did he have to run away like that?

Hajime and Utsutsu made it just in time to save Jou and Sugane, but Hajime tried to be friendly again. I was surprised that Berg-Katze didn’t go after her and actually answered her questions. I wonder what she’s going to come up with.

Episodes 04 - 05 are now LIVE!

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