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Goin Out Of Town Tonight Road Trip


so will be goin to ohio tonight so wish me safe travels
and hopefully my trip will be like some where in the middle of these two
loads of fun that will be



Have a great time! Safe travels


thanks slow

its just a 2 hour trip from i live but still a road trip to me

open road here i come lol


Have a safe trip @Kyouta!


thanks maou

said open road but dont know how open it may be lol
people do alot of traveling


Safe travels Kyouta. Have a fun time.


thanks snowy

but has anyone been to ohio is anyone a lebron fan lol jk


Yes, since I live there, and no, not a fan


Road trips are always nice, safe travels


you live there went to Dayton
what part are you from series

thanks fillet

im back had a nice trip


I have been to Ohio a few times. One time wasn’t that fun however.


didn’t see the live video but hope it wasn’t that bad


I live near Dayton lol


wow that’s funny we could have hung out lol


It’s just some pictures.


Damn dude, that’s rough!