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Hosting A Summer Bash


hey guys and girls how is everyones year been going so far hope its going great and if its not hope it gets better for you but hope youre having good weather a least to brighten your day but have some good news for everybody im going to host a first time summer bash party :tada::confetti_ball: and everyones invited even the lurkers too but make sure you guys bring your reading glasses to peep out the fun post that everyone will be posting much love to you lurkers you guys a very valueable to this site just want you to know that so have fun reading

to the rest of you post members bring your typing spirit fingers to the party
there will be stuff to post about and want your ideas as well

and just to let you know this is a pitch in so TAN member bring your favorites
so we are going to have a lot of fun

dont have a date yet but it maybe in the first week in july

so now to start the pre party off with a song so enjoy the tones


the biggest summer bash coming soon and its coming soon in the comfort of your own home through the world wide web ( www ) and cant forget about the dot com part

but the pre bash starts now
so login and come party down with us 24/7
bring something with you or
just post something funny or embrassing
and always have fun and post often

and the pre bash in sponsored by pepsi so get your free drinks today

and try their new bubly



dont be shy come show your TAN off on TAN

i know its still spring not summer yet but
we can have a spummer pre bash now
but not to be confused with spammer so
dont be postin any spam
and i know yall cant wait to the real summer bash get here

but still post your name in the place



Everyone, bring food!


nice fruit basket slow looks so good

so now let me see what im goin to need to bring

edit bought these lil ice cream cups to chill out with


Summer grill party? Gotta have these:


What type of wine did you bring @Slowhand?

What flavor are they @Kyouta?


yes chilli and cheese and cant forget the onion

edit its blue berry and if that’s not your fancy what flavor do you like maou




got the cheese and cracker for the wine :grinning:


Blueberry is good with me :grin:


alright then grab you a cup and enjoy :grinning:

and heres a lil song to get the mood goin


heres another hit to get us movin and grooving



@maousadao brought the hot diggy dogs

so we have to have some burgers to lol


what are you goin to put on the grill next chef @maousadao lol




that’s looks good @maousadao

ill get the big piece lol


Which would you like?
White or Dark meat?


goin with the white

but first did you usr old bay lol