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Another one of my favorite OSTs (though I can’t seem to find my actual favorite song).

Kouhei Tanaka

[video type=youtube]D6GNpSCa3F4[/video]

He also did the soundtrack for one of my favorite games, Alundra.

[video type=youtube]wwa_MXbKpn8[/video]


The whole Hellsing TV soundtrack. So many years passed from that time I first listened to it but I still think that this is a masterpiece :grinning:


If you all are looking for Anime Music CDs, Amazon Japan has quite a few, either singles or Albums depending on what you are looking for. Sometimes you have to look at an Artists Greatest Hits Collection, They’ll ship most items to where you live but not all of them, Here are a few Examples of what I’ve picked up from there.and Specifically The song(s) I was looking for when I bought them:

Monster Musume OP ED

Mach Go, Go, Go OP / Gatachaman OP ED

Darling in the Franxx OP (Pretty much a CD Single)

Record of Lodoss War Chronicles of the Heroic Knight OP / RahXephon OP (Included with Maaya Sakamoto’s Greatest Hits album)

*If Her Album had only been a Couple of years later I could have scored Waiting for the Rain (Asterisk War ED 1) as well lol but I’ll take what I can get.

Just a note as with All things Imported, it’ll cost a bit more depending on the Conversion rate and Shipping costs.


Probably my favorite ED, out of the ones I’ve listened to:


While the show itself was pretty weak my Favorite ED is probably Waiting for the Rain by Maaya Sakamoto from Asterisk War


The Strike the Blood theme is available on Amazon as an mp3 download for $1.29.