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Hello fellow lovers of anime


I’m new here and I wanted to say hi, so…hi.
I don’t have a favorite anime because I can’t choose just one. 3 of my favorites include Sword Art Online, Clannad, and Gurren Lagann.
I hope we can become friends ^_^.


Hello and welcome to the tanti TAN boards!! :3 Gurren Lagann also happens to be a favorite of mine; maybe you also like FLCL or Hayate no Gotoku? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I hope you have a great time on here posting around, and I’m sure you’ll make plenty of friends. :wink:


Fooly Cooly is awesome and I barely started to watch Hayate no Gotoku but I already love it! :slight_smile:


Good to see you here! How long have you been into anime, and what about anime draws you to it?


I have been watching anime since I was around 4 or 5 years old, I think.
It’s hard to pinpoint why I love anime but helps keep me from getting depressed.


Hiii :slight_smile: I’m Kat and I just joined the website not too long ago. I just realized I had to subscribe to keep watching the animes on my iPod >~< but I don’t have a specific anime that I love…I have a whole bunch!

But some of my favorites are Another, Marmalade Boy, Sailor Moon, Maid-sama…and a whole lot more.

Hope to talk to you guys soon :slight_smile:



hi shotgun and welcome.
i know exactly what you’re syaing about not being able to pick out just one as a favorite. i feel the same. except for inuyasha. it’s the first anime i came across so it’s a favorite for sentimental reasons.
call me LK. it’ll be quicker and easier.

welcome kat. good to have another anime lover amung us.
you know you could have made your own intro. still can actualy. it might be a little less confuseing for simple minded folks like me.
it’s not like i’m anybody to tell anyone what to do or anything. just a little fyi.


Welcome to you! I too have too many favorites to choose just one. Enjoy!


Hello and Welcome.