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The AMV Thread

Post links to your fav amv.

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This is simply good

Hey folks,

Check this out -

enjoy and have fun…


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Whoever last merged this thread must have reversed merge the threads and made a mistake. The mod options of kunena are ridiculous.

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Tainted Donuts: The crew of the Bebop go after the biggest bounty in anime.

Tainted Donuts: The crew of the Bebop go after the biggest bounty in anime.[/quote]

That was pretty good! I like it! :kiss:

That was a good one, ShawnMerrow! Very amusing! The end was the best!! :slight_smile:

Two more cross overs.

Dragonball Z vs Naruto: The ultimate tournament.

Cowboy Bebop vs Dragonball Z: The crew of the Bebop is after some big game.
[video no longer exists]

I actually prefer the more dramatic AVM’s. There are some great Chrono Crusade ones, and this is one of my favs:

Cody - that was beautiful!! :slight_smile:

Cody - that was beautiful!! :)[/quote]

Yes it is! I almost cried a bit at the end! LOL

Another good one for Chrono Crusade. It’s a Christian song with a bit of a celtic beat, and the AMV centers around Azmaria, which is a bit unique for Chrono AMV’s.

I absolutely DESPISE Avril Lavigne, but this is a good AMV from Kanon:

Avril Lavigne has one positive that no other musical artist of her stature has… she partnered with Anime Network. :smiley: That absolves her of a lot of things. :wink:

Speaking of what you just said though, that has always been my main problem with AMVs. The music used, in most cases as far as I’m concerned are inferior to the originals (especially if I like the music in the originals). It’s hard to top music that is written specifically for an anime series (though not always true with OP/ED since those are sometimes just plucked out from singles, etc). But there is still no emotional connection decided on the creators and by the viewers… the nostalgic bond is completely completely different with new music.

Yeah, that is very true. But some music does fit certain series quite well. And that is also true about some of the openings and closings to anime series, especially longer series, like Bleach and Naruto. You also have some, like Chrono, where the ending seems out of sorts for a while, but as you approach the end, you start to understand why they chose it. Then you have endings like the one for Elfen Lied…lol

And I never knew Avril Lavigne partnered with Anime Network, so I guess I will simmer down the hate a bit…lol