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Ten Years Gone!

Hey guys!
So, it looks like it’s time to mosey! I’ve been here for a good 10+ years, and although lately I have not been active, I found it only fitting that since I’m leaving this place for other opportunities that I would make my last communication here on the forum, where I was “born” more of less. :slightly_smiling:

The AN forums have changed in so many ways since I’ve been here: it’s gone from a custom mish mash of message boards put together by first time coders, to the vBulletin system, to that god awful Kunena, and finally to this current incarnation (which I think is just great.) I’ve seen members come, go, come back, become moderators, become lifelong friends, real life couples, and even get married and have kids! That makes this place truly special to me and everyone who has come here in the past decade, be it for a short time or for years and years. Moderating/Admining this forum in its original incarnation was my first real job EVER, and I pretty much grew up here, with other members like @Hentai (who is in med school last I heard), @wolfo (Last seen in South America), @Alitadark (from Hawaii by way of North Dakota), @Psychopuppet (the eternal mod), and of course @Slowhand, who I would have been absolutely lost without. Seriously, she is awesome and I can’t even begin to count the ways that she’s improved this place and kept it together. ^_~

This site will always hold a special place in my heart, and the times I spent in the forums playing around with you special few were perhaps some of the funnest moments I had working here. I wish you all the very best, and I hope deep down that in some big or small way, you find something as meaningful and beautiful in this place as I have. Bye bye!

Very Best,
-Christian (Rai)


I hate to see you go. Whenever you were posting, there was a wonderful amount of laughter here which you just can’t replace. You made this place just as special for me as you think others had made it for you.

I wish you luck in whatever the future brings you and a tremendous amount of happiness. You and your family deserve it!!!

But I do have one tiny request, if you get little chances here and there, please drop in and let us know how you are - or just say “hello”, so we know you are okay. Even if you are unable to stay active here, it would be a wonderful day-making surprise to see you once in a while.

You made many a day for me and I just want to thank you for everything. You were a great help to me (and many others) when I first joined the community here and I will be missing you a lot!

No one will ever replace you, but I understand when life tells you to move on, you have a different path to follow. So, I can only wish you much luck and success in your travels through life. Don’t ever forget us!

[size=10](ok, so I am trying to sound happy for you here, but inside, I am crying a river)[/size]


You will be missed Rai. Good luck on whatever you set out to do next and thank you for everything you have done for this great community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check back in whenever you have the time. We’d be thrilled to see you.
I’m sure LadyofWicca will keep your thread active in the meantime. :smile:

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Thanks for all the good you’ve done here for us.

I do second the “Visit us when you can” sentiment. Please, stop by and tell us how you doing every once in a while.

Best of luck in your new adventures!

Mark Gosdin

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Good Luck to you and your new Adventures @Rai. Visit when you can and recommend us some more obscure Anime.

I’m not exactly sure what I should say here.

@Rai - I’ll miss you forever and ever! 10 years, my friend, seems like a long time and yet, at the same time, such a short time.

Oh to turn the clock back to those simpler times.

[turns off maudlin tone]

I hope you have great adventures to come!
Hug your girls for me!

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Lol, I remember all of those you mentioned calling you by your real name and never knew WHO the hell they were talking about!!! Well I’m glad to have chatted with ya throughout the years Rai, and I hope you don’t disappear forever from TAN. I’m always signed into TAN myself, it’s the homepage of every device I own, but I’ve been gone for a long time just the same. Life, it brings plenty of stuff to do. I hope your kid’s doing alright! Just be sure to check back in every now and then, something like what this place began as doesn’t drop off the face of the Earth, we’ll be here. Good luck with what you’re doing, I wish you the best!!!


i see u havent gone to far and that a good thing Rai

TAN is still the same old TAN since u left
its not a lot of user tariffic running along here

hope ur having a fun and epic adventure like u had here
have a good one there best buddy

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