Gurren Lagann / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kamina doesn’t even make it through the entire series. Some shows the annoying character is in every single episode.

I guess it all depends on how it rubs you, I didn’t come away annoyed by the big egos and saw it more as a take on humanity’s desires to be free and progress in any situation.

I’ve never really stated my opinion on this anime really, mostly because my opinions seem to contrast most people’s opinions. Reading the last couple of posts really reminded me of this. Mostly because I liked the first half of the series, almost more than the second half (halves being before and after the time skip). Kamina was almost one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

There’s probably a few other things, but they’d have to be brought up so I can bring up my counter-point.

“New” episodes off of Scifi

We find out why Yoko hasn’t been in a few episodes and the second episode rocks.

[size=15]A MECHA PILOTS A MECHA[/size]

Gurren Laghn is probally one of my fave anime of all time

only seen 2 episodes so far, but i liked both, hope its good throughout :slight_smile:

[size=20]2nd Gurren Lagann Film Holds U.S. Debut in San Francisco[/size]
posted on 2009-10-30 23:50 EDT
The Lights in the Sky are Stars at Viz Cinema with Happily Ever After

The Viz Cinema theater in San Francisco is holding the American premiere of Gurren Lagann The Movie 2: The Lights in the Sky are Stars on November 17 and 18. The English-subtitled screenings will start at 7:30 p.m. The film, which is also known as Ragan-hen, is the second part of Gainax’s theatrical remake of its Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann robot action anime series. It opened in Japan on April 25.

Bandai Entertainment brought the original television series to North American on DVD and on the Sci Fi Channel (through Manga Entertainment). The first film already ran at the same theater in July, and it will run again on November 17 and 18 before the second film’s screenings. From November 20 to 25, the theater will also screen Happily Ever After, Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s live-action film adaptation of a dark comedy manga by Yoshiie Gōda (Air Doll). The regional premiere of Shinji Aoyama’s Sad Vacation (November 6-19) and Yosuke Fujita’s Fine, Totally Fine (November 27-December 3) round out Viz Cinema’s schedule next month.

Ticket Info:

This anime just makes you go WTF.

No offense but this is probally the most overated anime of all time :stuck_out_tongue: . I mean I like it, but damn I don’t get what’s so good about it. It’s worth a watch, but it’s not the best thing Gainax has done. The second half was much better then the first half though… But the ending is ughh… I’ll stick with FLCL over TTGL anyday.

lol I’ve seen that before, but nice Tommy :wink: .

I could care less about this, since I dislike this series so much.
However, for those that actually do care and haven’t seen this, Manga Ent. put up all the dubbed episodes on YT.

Coffee God I feel your pain. While I don’t dislike it or anything, this series is so overaited it’s not funny. I really don’t see the apeal. It’s a decent series, that’s FAR too boring for the first half. Nothing groundbraking, amazing, or anything like that.

[size=16]Aniplex USA Adds Gurren Lagann TV Anime Series[/SIZE]
posted on 2013-03-29 17:55 EDT
Gurren Lagann gets new DVD box set, imported BD box set from Japan

Meh… :S
Too bad neither Lagann set is including the infamous first 5 episode ADV dub, that would’ve been pretty cool. As is, it’s not re-dip material in my case. Just not into “pointless” swag, though I do wish more R1 releases would include more OST/BGM soundtracks. Intrigue and Guin had some killer music in them.

Kudos to Sentai! :wink:

Never will I pay 550 for an Blu-ray import of GL, however, I am willing to pay for the DVD boxset with the lovely box. :side: That aside, I’ll buy the Blu-ray version when they decide to put at an MRSP which I can afford.

AOA keeps burrowing deeper in the “pricing” hole they’ve dug for themselves.

Eventually someone there is going to wake up and wonder where the Sun has gone.

Will likely be too late by then.

Mark Gosdin

If you want the BD you can save a little by actually importing it thanks to the exchange rate.

This is just horrible. I have my sub-only release from Bandai Ent. . I never got the bilingual release because I did not care for the dub and there was about a 2% chance you would get a fully working set. Incase no one knows most of the Bandai Ent DVD’s from that time have problems. The Anime Legends set I know people that went through more then 5 sets before they got one all the disc worked.

Might as well just stuck with Aniplex of Japan . I don’t see other foreign media companies overpricing their releases. These so called “Imports” are getting worse. Really sucks when you see the same series in the UK or Australia for normal prices. No we can’t have that because some arse’s in the Blu-ray committee decided Japan and North America would be the same region.

Straight up. It’s the main reason why I didn’t bother with Fate/Zero. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Gurren Lagann, but I’d like to have the Blu-Ray, but not at that price point.

They’d have to make it out of solid gold and put the long-lost ADV dub on the blu-rays to make it even close to worth the price they’re peddling it for. Especially think I consider the series to only be 8 eps long…

If they did that and then commissioned Sentai/Seraphim/whomever to redub the whole series (leading to 3 dubs–even the horrid B/Z one–on the release) then the product might just begin to approach the price that they’ve set for it.

I would not mind leaving the same BD region as Japan, or having them leave ours. Whatever makes it so that the Japanese companies will have to work harder to “justify” these outrageous prices since “reverse importation” won’t be an option.

It’s going to take time but eventually the Japanese producers will realize that with the US & Japan ( & Taiwan, Canada and some others not to forget ) in the same Blu-Ray region, there is no longer a “just” Japanese market in the traditional sense. Rather there is a single huge Regional market that they now have to deal with.

Prices will migrate down from what the Producers have been accustomed to, which will mean an end to some Anime businesses - if they don’t adapt to the broader market.

Change is happening, to everyone.

Mark Gosdin