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Who is Michael Jordon though? :wink:


You haven’t answered any of the questions dragoon. -waggles a finger-


PretearHimeno wrote:

You’re right, I rarely do. B)


dragoon wrote:

Are you serious? :ohmy:


Slowhand wrote:

[quote]dragoon wrote:

Are you serious? :ohmy:[/quote]

You know Michael Jordon? :laugh:

I predict Coffee will have a line for you later.


dragoon wrote:

[quote]Slowhand wrote:

Are you serious? :ohmy:

You know Michael Jordon? :laugh:

I predict Coffee will have a line for you later.[/quote]

Oh, sorry. I misread. You’re right. I don’t know him either. Silly me. :stuck_out_tongue:


You scamps are your reluctance to answer questions… -toussles your hair-


I wouldn’t if I were you, you don’t know where it’s been.

A Cougar is how much older and how much richer on the feline scale? >.<


I’m not sure about the money factor but think 40-50ish for the age.


Oddly enough there is what I believe to be a cougar living near my parents house. Each time I visit the folks, usually during a holiday, she throws a party and tries to get me drunk. She is fifty plus, but still not bad looking, and owns a great deal of property.

Still, I would have to be very, very drunk. And I despise the feeling I get when I start to get drunk, so I rarely drink more than one glass.

Still, it is the thought that counts…

No I would not hit the animal version, though I still dream that there was a domesticated version of large cat.

( No chance in hell cougars… Madonna maybe, I do not know the age of celebrities.)


Eww, wouldn’t touch Madonna with a bargepole. She’s all muscles and ambition. shudders


What would you rather live without, your hands and feet or your -ahem- favorite appendage if you know what I mean?


I think I’d rather have my hands and feet, since I don’t need to touch Madonna with a barge pole.


As long as I get to make a donation to a certain type of bank (I want kids some day), I would rather lose that one part and keep my hands and feet.


Loose the hand and feet as long as I have semi-cute nurse to take care of my other appendage.

Any real man knows Cougar are Better than kittens, its living with them is the hard part.

For the picture, I would go for the police man look only because I listen to the Village Poeple when I was younger.

I don’t know either the gentlemen that someone wants to make love to. Most likely I would turn them down.


Yay some actual answers. -glares at dragoon-


PretearHimeno wrote:

I gave answers of the unexpected variety. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pffft. -cold shoulder-


I’ll surprise you one day with an expected answer when you least expect. lol


And I’ll pretend to be taken by surprise for your benifit.