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All bout my friend Dragoon thread


Dragoon is an awesome friend this thread is dedicated to him from the members of this site. He has taught me lots of forum rules and I appriceate it. Thanks Dragoon.


Goony, best friend a guy could have.




Don’t know him? He’s a real good buddy of mine, we talk all the time.


I admit that Goon has his moments, even though I can’t get him to appreciate /a/

“Come over to the dark side, Goon, and together we can rule the universe”

“NEVER”! I will never follow you! I am a Taner, like Jay before me"


A strong man, able to withstand the tempting of a fox!


The Force is strong in this one


is that wat u call dragoon


If I did, slowhand would be cross with me, as a mother would to a kid with a hand in the cookie jar. :wink:


hiiiiiiiiiii dragoon


He taught me everything I know. (Especially the Ban Whip)

Slowhand Approves Of This Thread. :kiss:


I thought I was your guy!


Oh, dear…

Hentai… you are my one and only. :blush:


…but…but…what about goon?


Oh! Noz! I’m broken hearted. who am I going to stalk now?

No more rides in the Party Van 4 U


lol dragoon is a cool guy huh


Now, just wait a minute here!

Outlander, you know what you mean to me! :wink:

We are best-married-buds!


no u and dragoon are married


I’m single and digging it.

But I might have a man-crush on dragoon.


ur gay