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Haissan Made a thing,

Sooo, friend of mine gifted me a piece of art…

I’ve had it for some time, then decided to give it a little love, coloring.

I started out with paint, nope, paint 3d, nope, gimp? nope that’s photo editing software, friend said here use krita… i did, and once I figured the stuff out and got the layers in order i got this, still not done yet as I need to do the eyes, buuuut its getting there. its currently my avatar


okay I have got to a termination point, I can do shading, but I’ll think on it

I decided to do a recolor


okay I am still developing and noticed I removed a bit of stuff

This is the last one of this iteration, I will be starting over with a more organized layering system and using more advanced techniques to make for a much better image. shading, color gradients and the like