Hello Everyone Semi New Member

Hey Everyone

Thought I would introduce myself my name is Zidane and I just came back to the AN Forums today. I actually joined back in 2006 as zidanetribal2000 but after being gone for so long I forgot my email and password so I had to create a new username. My online activity slowed down starting in 2008 due to various circumstances. Now that I have some free time I thought I would jump back into AN world and see what’s new (obviously the forums got another face lift since I was last here lol.) Hope to make some new friends and find some old familiar friends on my new AN journey :smile:


Welcome back, @zidanetribal2027 !!

Everything has changed (again), but it’s all pretty easy to navigate.

Here are some general tips for posting, if you so desire.

Glad to see you back!

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Thanks @Slowhand I really like this new layout and the new site. Works wonderfully with my phone too :smiley:

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Welcome back! Nice to see you again!

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Hello, I don’t believe we met before.

Hello and welcome back to the twizzling TAN Boards!! :smile:

I don’t think we have ever met before either. For those who don’t know you so well, would you mind sharing what some of your favorite anime are?

I hope you have a wonderful time posting around and making new friends!! :3

Welcome back @zidanetribal2027! I remember seeing some of your posts in the Anime Collection thread but I never really got a chance to see your posts in action around here. I look forward to seeing you around the new forums. Hope they’re not to overwhelming.

I think I speak for everyone that seeing previous posters return to TAN is a great feeling.