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Hi again


hi so my account might be 10 years old but i feel new again so ill say hi. about me; im a crude rude dude but sometimes cool. currently watching no game no life and nobunaga the fool. fav show is… noir. hope to have fun w/ u all talkin 'bout anime n stuff. i see old familiar faces around 2.


Hello and welcome back to the truttaceous TAN boards!! :3
I do not think we have met before, but you do seem familiar. :huh: I guess I will take the high road. Hello, my name is Iron K. Tager, it is nice to meet you. ^-^

I hope you continue to have a good time posting around and meeting many new people here!! :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you, and yeah… TAN is still tickin’. It’s good to see you return to check stuff out. I hope you stay a bit, and see ya’ around the boards!

… again! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well hello to you!


Welcome back buddy! How’s life been treating ya?


Welcome back. You do seem familiar so maybe I’ve seen you around before. I hope to see your posts in the forums. Lots of fun (new) threads around here.

If you’re a crude rude dude, you’ll love That’s Just Insane.


Welcome noir3