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Hello from Canada


Hello my name and I am from Canada. been on this site since 2011 but never posted an introduction.I am 37 now and have been into anime for 16 years. I really don’t have any real life friends who like anime. I like all kinds but espcially magical girl. I am always open to make new friends online, feel free to send me a mesaage if you would like.


Hullo thar! Canada, eh? Who’s your favorite hockey team? Glad to have you here, hope you have fun.


Hello and welcome to the thanatosis TAN boards!! :3

I hope you have a great time on here when you start posting around, and I hope you also make many friends!! :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome welcome! Please post! It’s always good to have new people!


Welcome. Post often

Please send us some Beaver pelts


Welcome to you! Always nice to see new people!


Nice to meet you Scott! I hope you enjoy it here at TAN, and feel free to post around anytime. Welcome to our place, and see ya’ around the boards!