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Hello name's Hanita103


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OH and I love Naruto


Welcome to you @Hanita103

We hope you enjoy yourself here at the Anime Network forums!

Please look around and comment on anything that interests you.

(Also, please note that there is a small pencil icon at the bottom of each post, so instead of posting several times, please use that to edit your posts.)



welcome to TAN @Hanita103! I hope you enjoy your stay!

p.s. I love Naruto too!


Welcome to the TAN forums @Hanita103. I hope you enjoy our community and find topics that peak your interest. :grinning:


Welcome @Hanita103! There’s a lot of good stuff here in the TAN Forums and lots of love for Anime, including Naruto.

Mark Gosdin


Welcome @Hanita103! I hope you enjoy it here!


Welcome, @Hanita103!

Um, why was the first post flagged?


Welcome to you! Please enjoy your time here!


Hello and welcome to the site.