It’s nice to be back, tykes!

I enjoy my starry background. And seeing the Fan made media section, I have a lot of stories that I’d like to put in, if anyone would like to read them… (tykes…)

How’s everyone…?


Great to see you back!! (tykes)

I’ll always read whatever you post :kiss:

So get to it!!

But remember to post stuff in the anime section too!! We want more stuff there this time around! ok?? B)

See ya 'round!


Bring on the stories!

I will do my best! :woohoo:

And I have a good story that I’ve been working on (I’m going to work on it a little bit more before showing it here).

I want to show my pictures that I’ve been working on, too, but I’m having problems with that… (tykes…)

Oh, and for those playing pokemon, I’m always up for a battle, tykes!

Welcome, Timber! Glad to see you here again!

welcome Timber