I'm back

Hello everyone. My name is William. I’m back after a very long leave. I’ve had work issues and some personal issues to deal with. I hope to be back active with these forums. About me. I have to say my favorite anime series is the whole Full Metal Panic series.

O_O Oy! Timber remembers you, tykes!

Welcome back to TAN Forums! (tykes, tykes!)

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Thank you Timber and Shawn Merrow.

Ah, yes, I remember you also… somewhere back in the vast regions of my mind.

If you would, please give the Rules a read, up there in the grey tab, they’ll tell you how to make a sig and how to get those groovy icons for under your avatar.

Browse around and if you have any questions, just ask and we’ll all chime in with answers, but you know who to listen to for the right answers! :wink:

Be sure to come back and join us again!

Welcome back!

I remember you as well. Welcome back to TAN!

Thank you Slowhand and Mystic. I will also do that Slowhand. Thanks for the advice.

I probably missed you the first time around since I have only been wandering around TAN for about a year but Hello and Welcome anyway!

Thank you Froggy. Yes. I’ve been with the Anime Network website for quite a few years.

Welcome back! I’m Newshawk, the lovable but cantankerous Otaku Grandpa of the group, a TAN Casting Sensei (along with LadyOfWicca, PretearHimeno and Mystic), the benevolent dictator of the Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen game and compulsive list maker. I’m glad to see you’ve made it back to the best little slice of anime heaven this side of the Pacific!

Glad to have ya back! Tell us about your adventures.

@Newshawk: Thank you for the rewelcome.

@Fillet: Thank you. It started with having to work 10 1/2 a day. Then my older brother borrowed my laptop and it gets stolen from his girlfriend’s house. Then I forgot my password to my account so I changed it. Then just recently I got jumped by three people leaving a store. They broke my nose and shattered a bone around my eye. I still take medicine for that. My life is almost like tv.

Welcome back! That is quite an adventure you had. Glad you are ok.

http://www.theanimenetwork.com/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/thumbnailCAN2G56D.jpg i am back on here…it has been like a year and like to make new friends on here :silly:

please add me if you like