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Hello all.

I’m fairly new to the site and still discovering what is here. I thought it was time to say hello
to all, or at least those who take the time to read this. I’ve had access to the On Demand service
for a few years, but just recently made the leap to the site, I’m glad I did!


Welcome to TAN! Have fun and post often.


Hello and welcome to the taupe TAN boards!! :3 Glad to see you land here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to you! Enjoy the site and join us often!


[quote=“PretearHimeno” post=121396]Welcome to TAN! Have fun and post often.


That’s online college right there. :lol: Welcome G, hope you enjoy this site and frequent here often. What made you decide to hop on the site after watching the On Demand?


I’m not really sure why I chose this time to join this venue, but probably just trying to stretch my capabilities. I’ve been interested in anime for a few years, both print and video. But I’m now visually impaired and wasn’t sure how much content would be able to be read to me by the programs that read everything on the screen to me. This is NOTa complaint, but the answer is ‘not enough’ as it seems more series are subtitled than a few years ago, fewer seem to be dubbed. But Since I haven’t allowed my vision loss to keep me from my main hobby (I collect clocks & watches, isn’t that about silly? The blind guy who collects timepieces! B) , I decided to try to get back into some anime to see if my mind could paint scenes with it just as it does with all of the audiobooks I read.

Thanks for taking the time to send welcome messages! Take care, all.


Hello and welcome. Do post often, I am a huge anime fan, and I have been away for a while. Got back into it a year or so.


First, my sincerest apologies for such a delay in responding to to kind welcome. My MacBook and iPad read to me as I’m visually impaired in the one eye I have left. Somehow I either misheard there was a response or just wasn’t bright enough to find where to respond! Thanks again for the welcome and I’m learning to paint the anime scenes in my mind just ss I do with my audiobook library. The only downside for me is if a series is subtitled, I’m lost quit often as I don’t speak Japanese. But it doesn’t keep me away and trying to make sense of each series, dubbed or not. Take care and thanks again for your note.


Hello, Lunar101,
It just seemed to be they way things went for me today. I forgot to address the delayed thank you note to you, my apologies. I use Dragon Dictation to compose posts, but damned if I didn’t forget to put your name in the salutation. Forgive this slight and I’ll try to do better at correspondence.
Be well and thanks again for the welcome note.


Hello. And Welcome Gobukize.

A Anime Fan TAN Greeting.


Thanks for the kind welcome message, Kyouta.

Take care,


No, Problem.

Remember to Post Ofen.