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Hello. I’m a long time fan of anime in it’s various incarnations over the past couple of decades. I’m 40 and still enjoy it as much as I did when I was 12. :slight_smile:

As you might guess, I enjoy a wide variety of anime and usually (usually!) manage to keep up on the latest seasons. I’m currently enjoying Angel Beats! (go Sheena!) as well as Guin Saga, and I make it a point to catch them as they pop up on my cable provider.

Other than that…

HI! :cheer:


Hi and welcome to TAN. As a 36 year old anime fan who saw his first anime at 6 its nice to have more older fans here. I hope you enjoy the site and post often. :slight_smile:


Does anyone else get a message sometimes that says that they’re in Japan? :S


lightsenshi wrote:

Yeah, I even get that here in the office sometimes. For now, if you refresh a couple of times, that usually works.

Welcome to the boards, by the way. :]


Welcome! I think you’ll fit right in. :slight_smile:

lightsenshi wrote:

Just wait until you log in as someone completely different. :huh:


I’ve got TAN set as my homepage, so yea that happened to me simply opening my browser. I meant to write the name down…right before wreaking havoc…but the second I clicked on another page it asked me to log in.

Hi there new dude!


Welcome to TAN. Beam on down…AAAGGGGG!!!

/Redshirt1 was just killed for making a bad pun.


Hello and welcome! Hope we see you wandering around often.


Welcome to you! Some of the best anime around is right here! Enjoy!


:cheer: Welcome. Thanks for being a part of all this. I have been enjoying anime since I was 15 years old. I am about to turn 30, & still enjoy it. Please post often. :cheer:


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hey, And Welcome.


Hello and welcome to the TAN boards!! :slight_smile: I don’t have too much to say in the way of your introduction other than “You seem to have been an anime fan for quite some time”. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I hope you have an enjoyable time posting on here and making many friends!! :3


Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay.