hmmm. i registered online because watching the anime on the TV kinda sucks (for anime network) the waiting for the next ep takes too damn long and there almost rarely anything i like that comes up.theres a lot more of a selection online. The only problem is i registered to watch Elfin Lied (becasue its only watchable for registered) so i did that and apparently only the first ep is for “registered” and the rest is pre. that don’t make sense…i suppose i’ll have to pay monthly to even watch someof the stuff. anyways im new here so…wahts up?:laugh:

Anime Network is limited to around 10 hours a month of programming by your Cable company. If you want to see more, be sure to call and email them asking you would like to see them allow “Anime Network” more content on their network.

As far as the Online Shows… Anime is an expensive business to license and produce and bring out shows from Japan here. TV/Cable helps pay for some of that due to critical mass and advertising, whereas Online monetization is more limited and more complex.

Anime Network has a lot more shows online because Anime Network stores and operates these shows on the Anime Network servers, whereas on TV it’s run and controlled by your Cable company.