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Charter On Demand


Hello i am new here. I just bought Anime on demand from my cable provider. Do i need to still pay to use the pnline site here? :unsure:


The cable provider service and the TAN online service are two different things.


ew charter


Hulllllllllllllllooooooooooooo yep 'fraid so but we’re glad ya do.


Here’s what I found. I used to use Charter and they wanted about $7 a month for anime service, which isn’t all that bad, but your selection of anime is so slim and you have to wait on a weekly basis for the next episode to come out. Then to top that off if they miss a week, they won’t give you the next two episodes or it will skip one.
I saw that here I can watch every episode in a marathon if I chose to, so I signed up for the $18 quarterly fee, which is equivalent to $4.50 a month for as much anime as I want online. Which after a year, will save you $36. It doesn’t seem like much but in a five year span that’s $180. That’s a used bike on Craigslist!


hi all i Joined here because i got VOD anime after dumping starz/encore and tv dumped funimation in july. i bought clanard after story box set at a fest and that night it was 1st anime i saw on my VOD :slight_smile:

i also loved himarari sketch and song sketch swich

im buying box set for birthday nezt month

i watch them sat sun since they swich out on thursso ill see the WEEK in advance
example today is 16th so ill watch 21sts anime

i wish was eaier to catergarize it, himarari sketch for example was in the ACTION not girl power so i missed all of YUA