Minnasan Tadaima \n_n

Hello everyone.

A former member here, some of the older members may remember me as eurekasevenfan.

My last post was in 2013 when I moved to an area with only Comcast or Dish as providers. Today while checking my on demand server for Xfinity, it listed AN on demand paid subscription. I immediately selected accept, and hope to enjoy all of the shows on right now. I’ve missed it here and hope to remain home :slight_smile:


Welcome back @MaouSadao! :relaxed: It’s great seeing old members return to the forums.


[Welcome Back]

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I can’t say I remember you, but welcome!

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Why hullo thar! I remember ya, welcome back!

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Welcome Home.

Mark Gosdin

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Hello @MaouSadao !

Welcome back to you, and yes, I do remember you.

We’re very excited to be back on Comcast/Xfinity and hope you’re going to enjoy the content.

We have new forums since you were here last, so please read over The Rules. They have helpful tips and other good stuff.



Thank you all for the warm return welcome :smile:

I do have a few questions about the paid on demand service since Bright House had free on demand.

As my setup currently has several complete series instead of only 2-4 episodes per show, how often does the series rotation occur?

Also, when I reregistered, it asked me for an all access pass. Is that for the online viewing service or something else?

Thanks so much everyone :joy:

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Hello and welcome.


I sent you a PM about this.

I’ll have to ask about the All-Access pass, I don’t really know too much about it.

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Welcome back @MaouSadao,

Yes, Anime Network onDemand is now available from Comcast!
We just soft launched this service a few days ago and haven’t made the full public announcement yet.

To quickly answer some of your questions, Anime Network On Demand from Comcast has a completely different release schedule from the FOD 30 and SVOD 45 packages on other providers.
Here are some quick bullet points:

  • Every month, new movies and TV series will be added to our growing library.
  • TV shows will be releases as either the complete series or in complete collections (cours), with all episodes available on the same day for optimal binge watching! No more weekly roll-out.
  • Content stays in-window much longer - up to a year!

This is what should be available right now:

TV Series

  • Another (English Dubbed) - Complete Series
  • Beautiful Bones (Subtitled) - Complete Series
  • Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Subtitled) - Complete Series
  • Food Wars! - Collection 1 (Subtitled) - Collection 1: Eps 1-12
  • Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Subtitled) - Complete Series
  • High School of the Dead (English Dubbed) - Complete Series
  • Kids on the Slope (English Dubbed) - Complete Series
  • Parasyte -the maxim- Collection 1 (Subtitled) - Collection 1: Eps 1-12
  • Persona 4: The Animation - Collection 1 (English Dubbed) - Collection 1: Eps 1-13
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle (Subtitled) - Complete Series


  • Appleseed (English Dubbed)
  • Aura (Subtitled)
  • Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace (Subtitled)
  • Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Subtitled)
  • Grave of the Fireflies (English Dubbed)

We will be announcing the November releases very soon, so stay tuned!

I’m not sure what you mean by “all access pass”. You will want to ask Comcast Customer Care about that. Our Cable On Demand service is separate from our Online Streaming Service.

However, you can access Anime Network on Demand when you are away from your TV set through tv.xfinity.com or the XFINITY TV app.

You can subscribe to the service through the On Demand menu or here: https://www.xfinity.com/anime