Hi every one I'm Back

Greetings everyone the Creator of Ninja Warrior sisters is back and with some news to tell you.
well as you I was Rad49 but they lost my old file so here I’m back as Rad54
ok now the news
as you know I was gone for a while, well I was busy with last years Comic Con.
and the news from that that my work was a smash hit there
everyone there grabed my work, even comic writers and voice actors
this year I back and busy with this summer’s Comic Con
my teacher Hayao Mizayaki is now retired
now the news of the Ninja Warrior Sisters
they still continue in my work but now they are much older
but master Yorshi has passed away from old age.
Now the girls Kick butt and seek and find and get rid of the problem
Problems? Yes like sex offenders robbers drug king pins
Mind you these Fight girls has fill out …
ok now i have made other work
such as Lunar 2018 Atomica
Spirit Hunter
Geisha Tea House
Sapporo Bayand the all new NINJA WARRIOR SISTERS!
does any one want me to post my work tomorrow?
please reply

Hullo thar!