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I am back


As many of you know I joined TAN back in july and there was a time where my internet boawer would not get on to the board. but I can see that old intro post has been Archived Oh well. I just wanted to say I am back … Later Brandon Grave Heat aka BGH


Don’t know you, but welcome back regardless!!!


We haven’t met yet, but hello and welcome!


I’ve also never met you, so welcome. I am your benevolent Demon Over Lord. Anybody gives you lip, just let me know. I’ll take care of it for ya!


Hello, welcome back



The good news I like the new set up, But the bad news is I will have restore my rank the old fashion way. for two reasons one Since all of my post have been archived or delete when the board was redone, and 2 i don’t remember that it was before my internet got shut out of this board. i am not blamming or putting the blame on any one here on The TAN Staff. But i do wish that TWC would have a full 24 Anime channel.
But what are you going to do.



I’m the official scapegoat of AN, so it’s kind of my fault.


Welcome back, Brandon!

When you said you joined TAN back in July, I thought you meant this last July, not July 2007.

Our boards got hacked (they think) and we lost everything and so last April (2009), these new forums were started up. All of us had to start all over again. The only thing that was retained was the User List.

I do remember you though. Three names… yes, I do. If you want to fancy up your profile with a sig or other stuff, go here:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/do,profileinfo/func,myprofile/

But the avatar is in the Community Section under your profile.

Hope you stick around and make many posts in many forums!! :laugh:


Great to have ya back.


hello, I am the moon on the water, so don’t bother trying to catch me…


After my PCtower blew I bought me a new one:D So i am back full time offically…


Hey hey! Glad to hear it man.






Hello, BGH, I’m the resident otaku grandpa here. Nice to meet you. We’ll get along fine as long as you keep off my lawn. As for TAN getting a 24/7 “linear” channel again-I doubt it’ll ever happen-not until anime gets a LOT more popular than it is now.


good things come to those who hope and wait.


welcome back to the site I hope you enjoy your stay


thank you


He returns yet again!


I am back what A 2010 i had like a roller coster but i’m back hopefully 2011 will give me more time to pst more often on tan.