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Hello, Names Ryan,Been looking for an anime community for a while now, weird that it took me so long to find this site :frowning: or maybe i found it before but never signed up…?? meh, anyways nice to be a part of this community finally :smiley: <3



Welcome to the anime network forums!

Most of us don’t bite. However, if you see any one of us frothing at the mouth, I would recommend running for the hills.

(I’m looking at you, Outlander)



Welcome. Post often

Pay no attention to Inphy. SHE IS NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD


Welcome! I’m semi-new myself and have found this to be a fun community.

When I got here, Slowhand (a moderator and the owner of one heck of a whip. :wink: ) gave me some great advice: Read the rules. They’re not difficult to follow, but there is some good advice in there.

Jump in, have a great time and have fun. :laugh:

PS: Outlander is only dangerous if you’re a cute little girl who is susceptible to candy bribes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello and welcome to these wonderful TAN boards, Ryan!! :3

Funny how you can forget stuff like that, but I’m glad you could make your way here. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, if you get any candy give it to me; I love candy. :wink:

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome time on here posting and becoming a great part of these boards!! <3 ~


Welcome to you! Glad you found us!

So, tell us a little something of yourself. What are some of your favorite anime?




Welcome aboard. The emergency exits are located on your right and left. In the event of a water landing, your laptop cannot be used as a flotation device.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Why did this old as sh*t thread get bumped? >.>


Lookin’ for posts in all the wrong places~?