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Historic Anime Drawings Over the Years from the first to now


these drawing will range from the 60s anime like Gigantor and Astro Boy and ranging from 2018 anime like Beatless and Disastrous Life Of Saiki K so these amazing drawings that ive seen and think their post worthy will all be black and white no color so if you like bright colors sorry but not going to post any color


Great idea, @Kyouta

But, for those of us who aren’t up on all the anime, would you please put the name of the anime with the pics?


Alright dont know some of these new ones myself will put the name to the pic


Well the 1st pic is obviously Astro Boy, 2nd looks like Violet Evergardern


Yu yu hakusho



Here’s some Preproduction Sketches from Scrapped Princess done by the Character Designer Mogudan:



Pop team epic


Hey, what happened to that Black & White thing?


? What Black&White Thing?


First post:

But maybe that’s just his own rule…


Ah Sorry but yeah those were in color lol, but the topic header didn’t specifically state Black & White Pictures, so I’ll let Kenny Loggins reply for me:

and Kenny’s Picture is B & W lol


Yes that’s some what true I’m not going to post any color but if there’s anyone who wants to post their favorite pics and they just have to post them in color then by all means post away


cowboy bebop


alice or alice



hunter x hunter







is it order of rabbit


comic party







Edit forgot to name it


FullMetal Alchemist (yeah, I did it)