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Animaniacs Japanese Style

Hey TAN Fanactics u guys remember this cartoon show although to me it wasn’t the best cartoon show of its time but because of its outrageously silly antics it kept u engaged to it and that theme song is unforgettable but they should make a anime version
I’m sure it would be a great anime just what comedy fans need


And it has to be made by Gainax or Trigger!



Because with them the media quality is satisfactory guarantee or u just like them maou


I just think they could capture the feel of the original show very well. Just look at Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi or Kill La Kill for perfect examples :grin:


I don’t get but i’ll stop by in 6th hour and see what’s going on!

Funimation made:

Gi Joe

i am sure since the 80s most US cartoons were made in japanese style since they were made in Japan anyway.

Not sure where Avatar was made, but Aang and al are hailed as the first western anime. sadly others think some others are anime, when they are jsut drawn in that style.

So which are you wanting? The art style of a specific anime for Animaniacs? The storytelling of a certian type? What would make it Japanese style?

I say jsut bring it back, and not look like Steven Universe; and i think they are thinking about bringing either Tiny Toons or Animaniacs back, though not sure with the WB being bought and Speilberg i think have the rights to both of those…

It is as confusing as Fox/Disney having Alita, but James Cameron has the rights to it… who can do what? who knows.

could be interesting unless Animaniacs in the style of Pop team Epic, or Super Milk Chan, or that other Flash looking animation style you used to find on Newsground where the original Numa Numa video by Gary Brolsma was.

Now I just have a few more questions for you:

Would you like to take a survey?
Do you like beans?
Do you like George Wendt?
Would you like to see George Wendt eating beans?


Do not want to make it look too outrageously abstract where it looks like a grade school cartoon
From what I remember it could keep its same cartoon look because it was good enough
What Japanese so call style I’m referring to is
Like the over exaggerated actions and facial expressions that anime brings to the table


Definitely old-school Gainax then.
Please excuse me while I go bust a lung to Abenobashi again :joy::joy::joy:


make sure u only bust one and u can use the other lung to breathe with
don’t want to dying over anime or that’s how u picture going out ?


Possibly :thinking:


didn’t know anime could be so deady

so be careful buddy

u might want to cover ur eyes on those really funny parts
to protect ur well being


Lol I’m with @Kyouta on this one

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