Holiday Music

Please share your favorite holiday music!

I am a big fan of Mannheim Steamroller around the holidays -

Trans-Siberian Orchestra -

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]Pf5QR6cOTAE[/video]

Blue Christmas

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]RmF2rsDHOZc[/video]

I’m in a women’s community choir which is associated with a men’s choir. We perform separately and together. On Tuesday we heard part of the men’s rehearsal and they are singing “Nutcracker Jingles.” This video is of the Baldwin-Wallace Men’s group, not the group that I’m part of. Just thought you might enjoy the song. (Rish! Don’t listen or it will spoil the amusement for you at tonight’s concert!)


That was GREAT, Mrs. R!
This is one of my fave amusing Christmas songs…

Then there’s this classic:


We did this song in Junior High (middle school, whatever they call it now)