I'm new here

Well i’m newish but this my first topic …I Love anime …its started out with sailor moon but has evolved out to subtitles and none English speaking…I’ve had a bit of trouble understand certain things like How to create groups …But I have friends that help me out now B)

Hello and welcome to the tumultuary TAN boards!! :3 If you have to pick one anime in this evolution, which would be your favorite? Do you still have a love for one from when you watched dubs (other than Sailor Moon)? :huh:
Also, if you have any trouble with the boards, I am sure that there are plenty of people around here you can ask for help. :cheer:

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Please feel free to post often!

Welcome Sky… if you don’t mind me calling you that… LOL! It’s good to meet you and to see you finally introducing yourself to the TAN class. Feel free to post around anytime, and see you around the boards!

Welcome to you! I see you’ve already been posting around and that is great! Enjoy!

yes … pokemon and digimon …

Absolutely. This forum has a great new poster among us.

Skydemonwolf, if you want directions on how to start groups, go to COMMUNITY, scroll down to LATEST GROUPS and click on VIEW ALL GROUPS. At the top, all the way right, you’ll see CREATE. Click that and you can make a new group by filling in the required fields. Hope that helps.

If you have any questions regarding the forums, seek the TAN services (the answer might be there) or send a Mod (name in maroon) or Administrator (name in red) a message.

Thanks snowy :slight_smile: … I now have my new group up …soon I hope I will have my art thread up

Wonderful! It’s alway nice to see artists share their work. We have quite a few artists here, so you’ll be right at home.

I seen a lot of cool art …lol my art seems silly next to theirs

Welcome to the wonderful land of TAN

Hello ^-^

Wow! Seems like forever ago I posted this … :blush: Man I can not believe I sound so lame

yeah sometimes it gets like that but keep practicing. And you will get better.

We’re friends and I never said hello, how’s that? Great to have you here Sky, hope you have fun and get all of the anime action you can handle.

I have …Now to find more Manga …