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This will be home to all the content news and chatter revolving around Amazon Prime/Instant Video, Hulu, YouTube, Machinima, Crackle and the like. Netflix has its own thread due to the amount of content.

NOTE: Much of this will be catch-up headlines starting as far back as January 2015. Arranged from oldest to newest.

[details=YouTube News: Frederator Network Adds 102 Channels]

[size=20]Frederator Network Adds 102 Channels[/size]

Channel Frederator Network enjoyed a bit more than 12 days of Christmas over December. The end of 2014 saw the online animation destination sign on 102 new channels. Recent acquisitions include The Big Lez Show, JonnyEthco and The Jam Cave. Frederator now boasts 1,324 channels in the network packed with cutting edge animation from around the world. The network now has a subscriber base of almost 15 million.

Channel Frederator Network includes its hugely popular flagship YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover, home of hit web series like Bee & PuppyCat — which has racked up 4 million views for its first four episodes, with more to come soon — and Bravest Warriors. Other popular channels now part of Fred Seibert’s “Declaration of Cartoon Independents” include The Animation Workshop, Filmcow and Simon’s Cat.[/details]

[details=YouTube News: PBS KIDS Launches YouTube Channel]

[size=20]PBS KIDS Launches YouTube Channel[/size]

PBS KIDS has accomplished the launch of its own officially branded YouTube channel, The channel will be geared towards kids aged 2-8 and their parents. The pubcaster hopes to take advantage of the rising trend in children’s use of mobile devices and demand for streaming content.

At launch, PBS KIDS’ YouTube channel will offer 100s of clips and promotional videos from its popular series like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Peg + Cat, Wild Kratts, Arthur, Martha Speaks, WordGirl and new addition Odd Squad. Viewers will also be able to watch full episodes of original web series like Fizzy’s Lunch Lab, Oh Noah!, Ruff Ruffman: Humble Media Genius, Chuck Vanderchuck’s Something Something Explosion and Plum Landing. New content will be added on a weekly basis.[/details]

[details=Other News: Nickelodeon Launching Standalone Sub Service]

[size=20]Nickelodeon Launching Standalone Sub Service[/size]

Nickelodeon plans to follow the example of HBO by launching a direct-to-consumer, standalone subscription service this February. The decision was revealed during a call between parent company Viacom and investors, Variety reports. More details will follow next month.

The service will be aimed at consumers using mobile devices, and may carry a different name and/or branding, said Viacom chief executive Philippe Dauman. The move is a solid reflection of media consumption trends which have particular appeal to parents, letting them make kids’ favorites available at the push of a button. Major streaming providers Netflix and Amazon both have kid-targeted facets to their services.[/details]

[details=Other News: Shout! Factory Launches Streaming Service]

[size=20]Shout! Factory Launches Streaming Service[/size]

Multi-platform entertainment company Shout! Factory has unveiled a new, branded digital streaming service: Shout! Factory TV. The announcement was made by founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos.

SFTV will be available across a variety of screens and platforms, online at and on mobile, tablets and connected TV, with an initial rollout on Roku. The service features highest quality available video for all titles, free-to-consumer ad-supported content, original videos and special bonus featurettes, and live programming stunts.

Shout! Factory TV’s programming gives viewers access to a distinctive library curated from Shout!, Westchester Films, Timeless Media Group, Scream Factory, major studios, indie producers and other sources worldwide. The 2,500+ hours of movies and TV episodes include animated comedy Home Movies, Kevin Smith: SModimations, a Gerry Anderson collection (eps. from Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Fireball XL5, Joe 90 and Supercar) and over 30 episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, to start.[/details]

[details=Amazon News: Sid & Marty Krofft Developing ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ with Amazon]

[size=20]Sid & Marty Krofft Developing ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ with Amazon[/size]

Amazon Studios has signed a development deal with iconic TV producers Sid and Marty Krofft to develop a pilot that reimagines ‘70s kids classic Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

The Kroffts are responsible for many colorful favorites of 1970s and 1980s television, blending live-action and puppetry to create fantastical adventures like H.R. Pufnstuf, The Bugaloos and Land of the Lost.

“Sid and Marty are geniuses and we are honored to be working with them to bring to the world a return of what we believe is TV’s most fabulous and funniest sea creature ever,” said Roy Price, Vice President, Amazon Studios.[/details]

[details=Amazon News: Amazon Re-Ups ‘Tumble Leaf,’ ‘Creative Galaxy’]

[size=20]Amazon Re-Ups ‘Tumble Leaf,’ ‘Creative Galaxy’[/size]
Amazon Studios has announced it has signed on for second seasons of current original kids’ animated series Creative Galaxy and award-winner Tumble Leaf; plus live-action shows Annedroids and Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. All four series will return exclusively to Prime Instant Video for streaming. All four shows have also recently been honored by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Tumble Leaf, created by SNL alum Drew Hodges and executive produced by Kelli Bixler of Bix Pix Entertainment is aimed at preschoolers and follows Fig, a naturally curious blue fox, and his best friend Stick, a quirky caterpillar, as they embark on fun and nature-filled adventures and learn science through play. The Annecy and Annie award-winning series features the voices of Christopher Downs as Fig, Brooke Wolloff, Zac McDowell, Addie Zintel and Alex Trugman.

Creative Galaxy, from Out of the Blue Enterprises and created by Angela C. Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Super Why!, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood), is a make-along, create-along art adventure series for pre-k viewers. Animated by 9 Story Ent., the show features Arty, an adorable alien artist, and his inspirational side-kick Epiphany, who travel through the Creative Galaxy solving problems through art. A live-action endcap on each episode takes families through the featured craft project. The voice cast stars Christian Distefano as Arty and Kira Gelineau as Epiphany, and guest stars Samantha Bee (The Daily Show), Jason Jones (The Daily Show), Cloris Leachman (Malcolm in the Middle), Jason Priestley (Beverly HIlls 90210) and Brooke Shields.[/details]

[details=YouTube News: Mondo, Spin Master Launch SpindoTV]

[size=20]Mondo, Spin Master Launch SpindoTV[/size]

Spin Master Entertainment has officially launched its new kid-targeted YouTube channel, SpindoTV — developed in partnership with leading YouTube animation distributor Mondo Media. Aimed at the 6-11 demo, the channel will feature both animated and live-action serial content and debuts on the heels of the YouTube Kids video content app for iOS and Android.

SpindoTV’s premiere cartoon will be based on Spin Master’s new toy/game hybrid Sick Bricks, which was introduced at Toy Fair earlier this year. Currently the animated series has forty 90-second episodes in production; the series is also set to air on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and Teletoon in Canada. Other series set for the initial content rollout are Adrenalini Brothers, Gummandos, Happy Together and Skater Vs.[/details]

[details=Hulu News: Hulu, Turner Ink Extensive Multi-Year Deal (Repost)]

[size=20]Hulu, Turner Ink Extensive Multi-Year Deal[/size]

Turner Broadcasting System and Hulu have completed an extensive, mutli-year licensing agreement that will grant Hulu exclusive SVOD rights to previous seasons of popular Cartoon Network and Adult Swim programs, as well as select current and upcoming series from TNT and TBS. This is the first ever licensing deal between Hulu and Turner.

Among the animated offerings included in the deal are all episodes from past seasons of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and Cartoon Network shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall and Clarence, which will be available to stream through an SVOD service for the first time — all CN series will be available to stream ad-free in Hulu Kids.

Additionally, full prior seasons of AS and CN series like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ben 10 and current hits Robot Chicken, The Venture Bros., Adventure Time and Regular Show will be available for streaming exclusively on Hulu for the first time. Hulu will also be the exclusive SVOD destination for classics like Sealab 2021 and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.[/details]

[details=YouTube News: Zodiak Launches Multi-Brand YouTube Channels]

[size=20]Zodiak Launches Multi-Brand YouTube Channels[/size]

Zodiak Kids announces the launch of two multi-brand YouTube Channels for kids and preschool audiences: ZeeKay and ZeeKay Junior. ZeeKay Junior comes to the platform with an established 100,000-subscriber base for existing Zodiak Kids content on the site. The channel will feature new preschool content as well as popular shows like Mister Maker, Waybuloo, Zack & Quack and fresh online pilots.

ZeeKay will boast popular owned kids’ series like Totally Spies, Team Galaxy, Martin Mystery and LoliRock, while also serving as a hub for newly commissioned content for tweens, like CiTV’s Scrambled!, which features bespoke YouTube formats. Both channels will be on the new YouTube App launching later this year and will have extra content uploaded regularly.

The online channels will work closely with recently announced Zodiak Kids Studios and third party producers to create original content for the platform in order to boost subscriber growth and a global audience base. The Zodiak Kids catalog as it has been available on YouTube has earned over 1.6 billion views to date, providing kids content in all territories.[/details]

[details=YouTube News: Frederator Picks Up 80-Plus Channels]

[size=20]Frederator Picks Up 80-Plus Channels[/size]

Channel Frederator Network is welcoming 84 new online channels to its roster following a busy March. Highlights of the acquisitions include New Media Animation’s hit TomoNews, Aardman Animations’ Morph, CoyoteMation and Mellaveli.

TomoNews is an international success which presents headlines from around the world in animated form combined with real video footage and photos, averaging 160 million viewers monthly and available on YouTube in 12 languages.

Fred Seibert, founder of Frederator Studios, said, “TomoNews is the kind of whimsical, globally appealing programming that is the perfect fit for Channel Frederator Network. We are looking forward to collaborating with them and introducing some of our dedicated viewers around the world to their content.”

Beyond TomoNews, during the Month of March, Channel Frederator Network increased its total channels to 1,603, upped monthly views to 255 million, and total subscribers to date to 20 million. Other new animation channels recently welcomed to the fold include StevRayBro, Pegbarians, and JaidenAnimations.[/details]

[details=Hulu News: Hulu Debuts ‘Dr. Dimensionpants’ in U.S.]

[size=20]Hulu Debuts ‘Dr. Dimensionpants’ in U.S.[/size]

DHX Media has signed a deal that will see its animated action series Dr. Dimensionpants (26 x 30) premiere in the U.S. through streaming service Hulu. The exclusive debut is set for June 13, when Hulu subscribers will be able to stream Dr. Dimensionpants in the commercial-free Kids section on their compatible devices.

Originally commissioned by Teletoon in Canada, the show follows the adventures of Kyle Lipton and his alter-ego, Dr. Dimensionpants — a cosmic superhero with powers of space, time and a moustache. Kyle was just an everyday kid until an interdimensional portal opened in his backyard, dropping a strange pair of glowing pants in his lap. Now with the help of his talking unicorn mentor, Philip, Dr. Dimensionpants must master his powers to save the universe on a semi-regular basis, and deal with the perils of being a day-to-day kid as Kyle.

Dr. Dimensionpants is created and executive produced by Brad Peyton, director of San Andreas, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Alex Agaltis (Rocket Monkeys, Jimmy Two-Shoes) and Jeremy Winkels (Almost Naked Animals, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island) serve as executive story editors; the show is directed by Jon Izen (Yam Roll, Pet Squad).[/details]

[details=YouTube News: Frederator Signs 77 New Channels]

[size=20]Frederator Signs 77 New Channels[/size]

Channel Frederator Network is continuing its steady takeover of the digital animation distribution sphere by signing on 77 new channels in May, including HBruna and KawaiiPiranha. Frederator also announces that its current member channels are continuing to increase their viewing numbers by an average of 12.69% month over month. Cumulatively, Channel Frederator Network members have increased organic viewership by an average of 69.37% since the January 2014 launch.

The Network features 1,749 channels, include flagship animation destination Cartoon Hangover, as well as international hits like Simon’s Cat and TomoNews. Total subscribership now exceeds more than 24 million, with monthly views totaling 293 million and total views to-do at 1.9 billion for the entire network.

Fred Seibert, head of Frederator Studios said, “Our goal with all our network channels is to help them grow their performance with viewers, while also making Channel Frederator Network a top global destination for animation fans. We are truly building a one-stop solution for discovering and fostering emerging talent, while providing fans with the best and widest range of animation content from across the globe.”[/details]

[details=Amazon News: Six New Pilots Now on Amazon]

[size=20]Six New Pilots Now on Amazon[/size]

Amazon has launched six new kids’ pilots on its Instant service in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. The projects include animated projects The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop, Lost in Oz, Lily the Unicorn and Bear in Underwear, as well as live-action shows A History of Radness and The Kicks.

The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop (for preschool-aged children; animated)

An original wonderland created by brother-sister team Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio (Marvel Universe Live, Evergone), with character design byRhode Montijo (Happy Tree Friends), The Adventures of Knickerbock Teetertop is artfully animated by the award-winning Karrot Animation (Sarah & Duck). Knickerbock Teetertop, the smallest kid on the enchanted Wonderpine Mountain, wants to be a big adventurer just like his grandpa. Joined by friends on his magical Wonderboggan, Knickerbock, Holly, and Otto have wondrous, challenging adventures discovering new places and creatures—and it’s not easy. Knickerbock bounces along rugged terrain, pushes against the elements, and challenges himself to overcome obstacles. As he encounters problems Knickerbock uses perseverance, grit, and some encouragement from Grandpa to “adventure on, adventure through.”

Lost in Oz (for children ages 6-11; animated)

Lost in Oz is an animated, action-adventure comedy set in a modern, metropolitan Emerald City. Stranded in this spectacular world, 12-year-old Dorothy Gale befriends West, a young, street-smart witch grappling with dark temptations, and Ojo, a giant munchkin. With Dorothy’s dog Toto, this unlikely crew embarks on an epic journey, seeking out the magic Dorothy needs to get back to Kansas. The challenge for Dorothy, and everyone else in this world, is that Oz is facing the greatest magic crisis in eons. Developed and produced by Bureau of Magic’s Darin Mark, Jared Mark, Abram Makowka, and Mark Warshaw (East Los High, Smallville), this contemporary re-imagining of L. Frank Baum’s extraordinary universe is designed by Flaunt Productions (Under Siege, Project Spark), animated by Arc Productions (9, Gnomeo & Juliet), scored by Adam Berry (The Penguins of Madagascar) with theme music by Mark Mothersbaugh(The Lego Movie).

Lily the Unicorn (for children ages 6-11; animated)

Lily is not only a remarkable, colorful, and comical gal—she is truly one-in-a-million. Her unique perspective and independent spirit can brighten up any situation and often leads her and her loyal friends into unexpected shenanigans. In Lily’s world, anything is possible: a simple song she hums can go viral and top the charts. A quiet surprise picnic for her best buddy Roger can lead to a city-wide adventure featuring falafel waffles (yum) and a wise guru (of course). Lily the Unicorn puts a hilarious spin on everyday situations as Lily transforms even the most typical day into something extraordinary. Lily the Unicorn is based on the hit children’s book by Dallas Clayton (An Awesome Book) and produced by The Jim Henson Company (Sid the Science Kid, Fraggle Rock), with Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford serving as Executive Producers.

Bear in Underwear (for children ages 6-11; animated)

If there’s one thing any forest creature needs before stepping out to greet the day it’s…underwear? At least that is the way the lovable cast of Bear in Underwearsees things! Welcome to Shady Glade Woods where Eddie Behr, an eternally optimistic, high energy bear, and his quirky group of animal friends and family reside. Eddie aspires to be a forest legend just like his dad, who discovered “pants” at an abandoned campsite (well, actually, what he really discovered were tighty whiteys….but no one knows the difference!). Although Eddie is eager to make just as positive an impact on his community as his father did, he soon realizes that success may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Delightful hijinks ensue in a world full of forest animals who look at everything from a slightly skewed point of view. Bear in Underwear is based on the bestselling books by Todd Goldman, written by Goldman and Dave Schiff (That 70s Show, Robot and Monster), and animated by Bento Box (Bob’s Burgers).[/details]

[details=Hulu News: 9 Story Signs Three-Toon Hulu Deal]

[size=20]9 Story Signs Three-Toon Hulu Deal[/size]

9 Story Media Group has licensed three animated kids’ programs to Hulu in the U.S. The streaming service will take on subscription VOD rights to Get Ace (52 x 11), Nerds and Monsters (40 x 11) and preschool favorite Joe and Jack (13 x 7), which will be available in the commercial-free Hulu Kids environment.[/details]

[details=YouTube News: BRB’s Animakids Arrives on YouTube]

[size=20]BRB’s Animakids Arrives on YouTube[/size]

BRB Internacional has launched the Animakids channel on YouTube, bringing the multi-platform portal ( to the popular Google-owned video site. The channel also widens its offerings by incorporating non-BRB properties into its catalog.

Animakids on YouTube makes its premiere with recent BRB productions Bernard, Suckers, Angus & Cheryl as well as episodes of other popular productions such as Iron Kid and Toonbox’s Qumi-Qumi and Shaman’s Quest, both available in Spain and Latin America. The channel will continue to expand and refresh its content with new titles.[/details]

[details=Kabillion News: Kabillion Launches ‘Casper,’ ‘George of the Jungle’ (Repost)]

[size=20]Kabillion Launches ‘Casper,’ ‘George of the Jungle’[/size]

Independent kids’ On Demand network Kabillion has finalized deals with Broadcast Partners TV to begin streaming two updates on iconic brands: Casper’s Scare School (26 x half-hours) and George of the Jungle (26 x half-hours). The titles are available starting today for Kabillion VOD users in the U.S. and will be part an all-new branded programming block on Kabillion called ToonPower.

Casper’s Scare School follows Casper the Friendly Ghost who has always been the ghost who would rather make friends than frighten. Now as a result of Casper being too friendly when playing with a boy named Jimmy, Kibosh: The King of the Underworld has Casper enrolled into a Scare School headed by the two-headed headmaster Alder and Dash. He befriends Ra, a mummy with unraveling issues and Mantha, a zombie girl who keeps falling apart. When Casper discovers the two-headed headmaster’s plot to use a petrification potion to turn Kibosh into stone and take over the Underworld and Deedstown, he and his new friends must stop him.

In George of the Jungle, George, along with his best ape friend Ape, an explorer girl named Ursula, and a fellow jungle human named Magnolia by his side, constantly find themselves facing challenges, yet no challenge is too great for this king of the jungle.

Now if he only remembers to watch out for those trees.[/details]

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[details=Other News: Butch Hartman Launches Noog App]

[size=20]Butch Hartman Launches Noog App[/size]

Butch Hartman, creator of hit animated series Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom and T.U.F.F. Puppy, has thrown his hat into the digital applications ring by launching The Noog Network on the Apple App Store. The interactive world features kid-friendly original games, animation and live-action content including shows, behind-the-scenes featurettes and music videos.

Aimed at kids ages 6-14, the entertainment content is connected through a user’s “Noog” character. Players can collect Noog avatars, and earn points to access new content. Available for free, Noog Network is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, and optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. Visit for more.[/details]

[details=Other News: Splash Inks Deals with Hulu, Urania, Mobibase]

[size=20]Splash Inks Deals with Hulu, Urania, Mobibase[/size]

Splash Entertainment has finalized new distribution digital deals with Hulu, Urania and Mobibase for a number of its leading animated titles, including Chloe’s Closet, Dive Olly Dive and Hero: 108.

Hulu, which already has animated series Hero: 108 seasons one and two, Dive Olly Dive season two and The DaVincibles available to stream, will add additional animated titles from Splash Entertainment through the deal.

Czech Republic’s Urania signed a contract with Splash Entertainment for Chloe’s Closet season one, Dive Olly Dive season one and Gasp season one.

Mobibase has acquired a number of Splash Entertainment titles, including Chloe’s Closet season one, Dive Olly Dive seasons one and two, and Gasp season one, Cosmic Quantum Ray, Growing Up Creepie, I Got A Rocket, Mixmaster: King of Cards and Pet Alien season one.

Mobibase is a provider of thematic linear channels and on-demand video content whose clients include AiwaGulf & Universal Watch for Kuwait, Neomobile for France, TMT Connekt for U.A.E. and WatchAfrica for Africa.[/details]

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[details=Hulu News: ‘Awesomes’ Season 3 Set for Hulu & Fall 2015 Slate]

[size=20]‘Awesomes’ Season 3 Set for Hulu[/size]

Hulu has announced its fall slate of original programming, including the return of super-powered animated sitcom The Awesomes. Season three of show will begin streaming weekly on Tuesday, September 8.

Executive produced by Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker, The Awesomes is the story of the greatest superhero team in history, and what happens after all the most powerful members leave. In season three, the new Awesomes and team leader Prock (voiced by Seth Meyers) have finally been accepted by America. Their only problem: the team’s founder and Prock’s father, Mr Awesome, has returned from space, and he’s been infected with Dr. Malocchio’s evil serum and has a plan to destroy the second-tier heroes.

The series also features the voices of Taran Killam, Paula Pell, Ike Barinholtz, Rashida Jones, Bill Hader, Kenan Thompson, Bobby Lee, Emily Spivey and Josh Meyers.

Live-action Hulu Original premieres this fall include The Mindy Project (9/15), Casual (10/7) and RocketJump: The Show (10/21).[/details]

[details=Disney News: ‘Goldie & Bear’ on WATCH Disney Junior Sept.]

[size=20]‘Goldie & Bear’ on WATCH Disney Junior Sept. 12[/size]
Mercedes Milligan - Aug 20th, 2015

Disney Junior will debut the first six episodes of its classic fairytale-inspired Goldie & Bear on its WATCH Disney Junior platforms beginning Saturday, September 12. One new episode will premiere on the WATCH app and website each Monday from September 21 through October 12. The CG-animated series for kids 2-7 will make its broadcast premieres on Disney Channel and Disney Junior in November. The app and will also roll out over 20 micro-games based on the show through the fall.

Set after the famous porridge incident of the fairytale, each episode of Goldie & Bear features two 11-minute stories centered on the unlikely friendship between the little girl and forest carnivore as they seek out fun and adventure along with their storybook-inspired friends and neighbors in Fairy Tale Forest. Whether it’s helping the Big Bad Wolf learn to consider others before blowing down their houses, helping Jack and Jill up the hill or rescuing Humpty Dumpty, Goldie and Bear enjoy their fairytale world filled with real-life situations, humorous mishaps and heartfelt moments.[/details]

[size=20]Frederator Signs 90+ New Channels[/size]
Mercedes Milligan - Aug 27th, 2015

[size=20]Hulu Secures SVOD Deal with EPIX[/size]
Mercedes Milligan - Aug 31st, 2015

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Amazon Studios Announces 6 Animated Pilots

Tom McLean - Oct 16th, 2015

IMO its a tad depressing that Amazon is still in the “animation is only for kids” camp with this.

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[size=16]’YouTube Red’ Subscription Plan to Launch With Ad-Free Video, Offline Viewing[/size]
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