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I've never been good at introductions


I really haven’t, ever.

So…Umm…I go by Mihari on the internet. Other than my obvious liking of anime, I like video games, animals, writing (currently working on a book, not going too well), and a bunch of other stuff I’m too lazy to name.

I also like Yume Nikki…I mean I really, REALLY like Yume Nikki, and all of its fangames.

So yeah, there’s my crappy intro, can’t wait to get to know ya’ll better :U



Hello and welcome to the terrific TAN boards, Mihari!! :3
I also enjoy writing and am working on my own book as well. If you don’t mind it at all, I’d love to read it sometime. :slight_smile:

Not a bad introduction; trust me, I’ve seen much worse. I’d actually call yours above average. :stuck_out_tongue: But there is one question I’d like to ask, and this would be what some of your favorite anime, and games, you like? ^-^


I would welcome you, but I’m a little busy right now


Welcome to TAN!!! Not a bad into at all, you should post some of your work over in the FanMedia section, original work is always welcome.


Welcome to you! Please enjoy the site and all it has to offer!


Light a match Outlander.

Greetings and salutations!!! Animal lovers are always welcome in my book. I plan to be around more so hopefully I’ll see you joining in.