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Jewel Bem Hunter Lime


###Jewel Bem Hunter Lime

Genres: comedy
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 3
Vintage: 1996-10-25 to 1997-03-07

Plot Summary: (TAN) The Magic Spheres are incredibly dangerous and powerful magical artifacts, capable of absorbing negative emotions and transforming everyday objects into monstrous BEMS (bug eyed monsters). So when a demon manages to scatter six of them through the gate between the World of Magic and Earth, someone’s got to get them back, this leaves Lime and Poogie to get the job done! Will this motley band of would-be BEM hunters be up for the challenge? The hunt is on in Jewel BEM Hunter Lime!

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Cover art has been posted.


Saw this in the ANN review:

Just out of curiosity, does the Sentai DVD contain this extra?

ANN also says that this dub wasn’t great, which leaves me wondering if I should seek it out because I generally disagree with ANN on dubs (they seem to want actors to just read the subtitles…) or if this a time when they’ll turn out to be, IMO, correct.

[url=][/url] [b]Episodes 01-03 (Sub) are now LIVE![/b]


English Dub Cast remains the same as listed at ANN

English Dub Cast
Lime - Stacie Renna
Mizuki - Andy Bonhomme
Mr. Candle - Bill Timoney
Mr. C. Ringe - Dana Halsted
Narrator - Earl Grone
Bass - Ed Paul
Mr. Purse - Georgette Reilly
Doc - J. David Brimmer
Mizuki Seo - Mandy Bonhomme

Additional Cast
Bill Timoney
Dana Halsted
Earl Grone
Gary Wisen
Georgette Reilly
Joe Digiorgi
Mandy Bonhomme
Robin Rag
Stacie Renna
Tom Von Pink


Good to know.

Out of curiosity, was there ever a shot at it changing?


[quote=“celestial_being, post:6, topic:7615”]
Out of curiosity, was there ever a shot at it changing?[/quote]
Probably not, but I like to make sure that all the dubbed shows have some sort of notation.



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May 15th

Language: English Dubbed

[url=][/url] [b]Episodes 01-03 (Dub) are now LIVE![/b]