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I just saw the Supporter Exclusive teaser for JQ2!

I can’t share it with you until they make it (or one like it) public, but suffice to say…

[size=5]I CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT![/size]


New BTS… with Bob Sapp!

[size=4]Day 13[/size]



New BTS…




Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We have a cunning plan! Remember the awesome teaser we showed for JQ Season Two at ECCC and PAX East? Well, it’s time for a Facebook “like” drive. If we can crack 4000 likes on the ZOE Facebook page, we will release the video to the general public! Who wants in?[/quote]

I don’t have an FB page, however, those of you who do can take us there!

They’re at ****3335 Likes **** as of this post.


New BTS…

[size=4]Chambers Bay[/size]



New BTS with one the Red Robe Kickstarter contributors…

[size=4]Zombie Phil[/size]



New BTS along with the effects of a Red Card…




I haven’t really been keeping up with this, since it fell during the time I was in jury duty, but I’ll post the highlights now.

[quote][size=5]MAY-HEM 2012!![/size]

What time is it? It’s time for the first annual MAY-HEM!

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between characters in the DG and ZOE universes? Of course not. No sane person would. But Zoe says we need more content on the site and assigned Matt the task of coming up with something awesome we could do ultra cheap. Matt flippantly suggested we just shove all our characters in a room and let them fight their way out, and Zoe, who doesn’t understand sarcasm, said yes, let’s go with that. So here we go with that!


MAY-HEM is a 64-person elimination tournament featuring characters from the Demon Hunters, Gamers, JourneyQuest, and Rude Mechanical storylines, plus a few surprise contestants. Starting tomorrow, we’ll have two matches per day posted on the ZOE facebook page… as polls. You, the spectators, get to decide who wins! Votes will be tallied at the end of every day and the winners announced.

But here’s the catch—it’s not just a popularity contest. Like with an annoying math problem, you have to show your work—it’s not enough to just vote for who you want to win, you have to comment convincingly on why you think X would beat Y in match Z. How would Gabriel defeat Glorion, or Silence silence Silent Jim?

Keep in mind that these are not necessarily fights to the death, though that’s certainly a way to win. It’s a matter of which character would overcome the other, whether by brute force, trickery, seduction, name calling, or sheer intimidation. Some of these guys can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, so you’d better believe they’ll be looking for alternate means of achieving victory.

In the later rounds, pending production logistics, we’ll start filming the matches, which will appear in upcoming episodes of Rude Mechanical. And when we’ve eventually crowned our champion, that character will be featured in an episode of Rude Mechanical.

So grab your popcorn, polish your logic sticks, and grab a ringside seat for the text-based clash of champions you didn’t know you’d been waiting for, MAY-HEM!! (And if this is popular, we’ll do it again next year, with characters from the new shows.)

“That ought to keep the plebes happy. Don’t quote me on that.” – Zoe Adastra[/quote]

And with each Match, they’re posting MAYHEM 2012 Official Fiction



So this is the little scheme FB has come up with now…
You actually have pay them per-post (as the page owner), for fans of any given page, to see all posts that are added to a page.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

This is what the new “Promote” interface looks like.[/quote]

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
2 hours ago · .

[size=5]Important Update:[/size]

The internet entity on which this page is hosted now expects us to pay them before they will release our updates to all of you. In other words, they could be throttling fan access to our updates and you may be missing lots of cool content.

As an experiment, we’re paying them for the privilege of passing this information on to all of our fans, rather than just 20% of you. Why?

  1. To experience the process
  2. To say “Hi!”
  3. To find out if you think it’s worth our money to, for example, let you know when new episodes of JourneyQuest are released.
  4. To let you know that Wren the Bard is totally beating Duamerthrax the Indestructible in today’s MAY-HEM poll, which has us more than a little bit nervous.

Remember, if this Page ever disappears, you can find us on YouTube, at, or with your internet search engine of choice.[/quote]


Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Coming Summer 2012![/quote]


Rude Mechanical is back!

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

“And I think Tony messed with it and we lost a month somewhere.”

Either that, or Tony lost episode 20. In any case, Rude Mechanical is back![/quote]

[size=5]Rude Mechanical Ep. 21[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]ys2YycuzWO0[/video]



Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We’re back on set for the final pieces of JourneyQuest shooting![/quote]

Speaking of which…
Does anyone want a free copy of the Season 1 DVD? (when I actually receive it, that is)
One of the incentives for my Kickstarter contribution is a copy of the Season 1 DVD, but since I had already purchased it, it’s kind of useless to me to have 2 copies.


[quote]Wouldst thou like to see behind the scenes on yesterday’s shoot?
Cuz we can SO do that. [/quote]




Hot off the presses, we have a new BTS video from just hours ago![/quote]

[size=4]Aubrey and the Orcs[/size]



[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Life Lesson #47: Red-carding Matt while he’s working on Gamers 3 is a recipe for unexpected script revisions.[/quote]

[size=5]Red Card 30[/size]

[quote]Offence: Egregious Pun

“So if we can’t match it in post, would that be color-correctile dysfunction?”[/quote]


And with that, they’re done filming!

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

That’s a wrap on JourneyQuest season two. We’ll be back in the editing booth in a few hours.[/quote]

I figured I’d post the couple of the puns they posted on FB, that sadly don’t qualify for a Red Card, since filming is done.

[quote]- Andy Dopieralski to Matt Vancil.

“I just want to be sure that if you decide to pull a Whedon, you spare the hot orc. I just don’t want a bunch of fans crying over killed Rilk.” [/quote]

[quote]– Matt Vancil, seconds before being fired.

“If Wren made a joke about how certain pieces of movable type stick out farther than others, would that be a kerny jest?”[/quote]


Us supporters got to see Backers Only cast pics, but they added this one to their FB.
Another S2 preview pic.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Wren has a story or two to share.[/quote]


I had to post this!
Since it goes with Andy’s horrible pun.


Looks like we just got another Backers Only post.
I won’t post all of it, since, well, you know, it’s Backers Only, however, I’ll post the relevant parts for those that didn’t back the project.

Is the show any good?

Yes. The increased scale and scope of this season will knock your hats off. It’s beautiful, epic, hilarious, and… well, you’ll see soon enough.[/quote]

So, it looks like S2 should be going public mid-July or so.


My bestfriend / roomie posted this in respose to that “Got Rilk?” pic.

My Rilk-shake brings all the orcs to the bard
and she’s like
oh, laughing so hard
This pun - so worth a red card
Worth a red card
Bring-em back to-mar?

I know you like it
These jokes that make us
That thing that punsters are
We lose our minds
Its by design
A Journey-jest.

ha ha-ha ha ha
Yuck it up
Backers are waiting

I can see you’re laughing
You want me to show thee
Season 2, waiting’s cruel
The time’s not up
Just know, worth the wait
Behind the scenes

ha ha-ha ha ha
Working hard
Backers are waiting

ha ha-ha ha ha
laughing hard
Backers are waiting[/quote]


Some Making Of BTS from S1 that was recently posted.

[size=5]JourneyQuest Season 1 - Behind the Scenes Ep. 1: The Beginning[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]7-OmqbcFJb4[/video]

[size=5]JourneyQuest Season 1 - Behind the Scenes Ep. 2: Pre-Production[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]rRhCgg-yOe4[/video]