Just started getting an error message with the player

I keep getting this message , it is 10/17/2010 6:17 am . this is the message. Access Denied by Region

Your IP:

Your Country: N/A
I am on comcast cable with a speed of 16 mbps I am running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.I have tried to play everything in the premium section , and i am a subscriber, this just started to happen about an hour ago. Nothing will play , i just get a blank screen with that error message. I am using Flash player 10 , my browser is explorer 8 .

I am getting the same thing. I was about to subscibe but to be honest, if I cannot play anything, I do not see a point. I am on IE8 too but I tried on Firefox, so the browser is not the issue. I also cleared all cache and temp files from both browsers and reset the router & cable modem. So it seems its an issue is server side.

Oh FYI its stating on the error message that my IP is logged as
I just did a IPCONFIG to verify since that looks nothing like what I know it is and it is of course not the same. Just FYI if that will help the mods any.

As stated in the Main Thread, it should be fixed now.