Online Player

I recently purchased a premium subscription to the site (10 June 09). The day of purchase I had access to all videos in the online video section. However since then every time I try to open a movie or series episode there is a “Access denied by region” posting in the video box. Can anyone assist me with this problem? I am located in the Tampa Florida area.


I’ll post it immediately in the Moderator thread. Sometimes the Tech guys come online to read those right away…

Otherwise, they’ll read it first thing in the morning.

We do have those regional things pop-up from time to time - tell us what service you use (Time Warner, Cox, etc.).

I’m sure that someone will get back to you about this, but I don’t know the details about this particular problem since this isn’t my usual field. Dragoon is the usual Mod for this forum.

Someone will get back to you with an answer though.

Our guy is working on that problem as I type this, so i’ll get back to you on it. Keep checking here for updates, we’ll let you guys know when we find a solution!

edit: quick as a cat! Try to check the content again, see if it lets you ok? Let us know whats happens. Thanks for your input!

Hey thanks for the comments guys. Today I logged on and finally didn’t get the black screen of death with the “region code” statement. However everything I try to view only plays up till the end of the intro and theme music then video locks up. I tried half a dozen different series and the same thing keeps happening. I use Brighthouse Cable as my provider and have never had a problem before regarding bandwith or anything so once again any advice would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I’m on a quest now to just watch at least one video before giving up.