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Khanhcpham's Animation Thread

This is great stuff!. You should make a TAN related gif

Thanks. Maybe one day I will.

Havent been posting for awhile and been really unmotivated so heres an animation I created.

Full view here

Its a cleaned up version of the original reaction test shown in the 1st post and I also change the ending pose.

Looks pretty good to me, K! Done any others?

These are pretty awesome! I actually had not seen any of this yet, and so far this is real promising! Keep up the great work, and when you have the time please keep posting in… thanx.

Well done!

I have compiled all my animation clips into one movie. There is still a lot that needs to be done though. The movie still needs color, backgrounds, music, and better sound effects. You can view it here on my youtube:
If the embedded video above isnt working, copy and paste this link into the address bar:

Now that is some awesome stuff! Even though it is still in the rough stages… that doesn’t stop it from being just too funny. Can’t wait to see it finished… thanx!

I havent post for awhile so I thought I show how the color appears in my animation project. Geez this projecting is taking awhile. Oh well art is a lifetime to learn. I currently have all the backgrounds and line work done.

Full view here

Showing more retracing and color work.

Full view:

Full View:

Finally completed this animation. Wow I can’t believe this 1 min and 44 sec animation took so long to make. I literally did all animation, sound design, and music. This is a huge change from my previous work. Thank you for watching this animation everyone and hope you’ll like it. :slight_smile:

All animation and music is done by me (KhanhCPham).

Preview Pic

Full animation by click here:

Update post: it seems like whenever I post a youtube link. it doesnt show. I wonder if anyone can view the video

It’s really nice to see it all come together, Khanhcpham! You did an awesome job, and thanx for sharing your project with us. There is an important lesson to be learned here… Lesson #3851: Never mess with a woman who is packing a bazooka.

[quote]EDIT: Oh sorry, it looks like I missed this… :S

I was able to watch the video here with no problems. As I have said elsewhere, that may have been happening since TAN is running in HTTPS for the time being. There may be a privacy setting that you may have to change on your YouTube account for your linked uploads. I hope this answers your question, khanhcpham.

I was able to view it.

That came out really great! Bravo! :cheer:

thanks :slight_smile:

Thread Revival. Thought I’ll post roughs of another project I am working on.

Test Animation - Little Girl Playing Games

This needs more in-betweens and some hair movement but it will be added during the final line art.

Havent post in awhile. Here is a test short of a sequel of the previous short. It still needs in-betweens and clean up but I will do that when I do the final line art. Hands are so hard to draw…

So awesome!!

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