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Last Exile / Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- / Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

Last Exile

Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy, science fiction
Themes: flying battleship, steampunk
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2003-04-07 to 2003-09-29

Plot Summary: In a world that looks like the 19th century with anti-gravity devices, Claus and Lavie are pilot and co-pilot of a Vanship and act as couriers. They become involved with a mysterious mission after rescuing a little girl from a strange star-shaped killing machine. Not willing to let the girl die, they complete the mission by delivering her to the legendary mercenary ship Sylvana, only to become part of the crew as fighter pilots.

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Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- / Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

Genres: adventure, science fiction
Themes: flying battleship, steampunk
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Fam is part of the Sky Pirates, a group that assaults ships following the code of the First harpoon -the first to hit the target with a harpoon has the right to decide how to proceed on the assault-. They target minor vessels and prosper on an isolated location, until one day they take off for a mission that will change their lives and for all Turan Kingdom citizens by rescuing their 2 princess from Ades Federation betrayal. The Federation claims Earth should be owned and worked by those who where left behind during the Exile and not by those who ran away and came back after the chaos and reclaimed it as their own.
Number of episodes: 23
Vintage: 2011-10-07 to 2012-03-23

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GekijĹŤ-ban Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Over the wishes (movie) - Vintage: 2016-02-06

Last Exile’s New TV Anime to Premiere at Anime Expo

posted on 2011-02-17 23:42 EST
World premiere of Gonzo’s Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam series in July in Los Angeles

Anime Expo Proudly Presents the World Premiere of LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing-, The New Chapter in the Hit Anime Series

LOS ANGELES (January 17, 2011) Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Anime Expo — North America’s largest anime and manga event — will present the highly-anticipated world premiere of “LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing-.” Anime Expo returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1 – 4, 2011 with the largest exhibition and program in its history.

“We are beyond thrilled to host the world premiere of a new chapter in the popular “LASTEXILE” series at Anime Expo 2011,” said Marc Perez, Chairman and CEO of the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, the non-profit that produces the event. “GONZO, the production team behind the LASTEXILE saga, has long created amazing works of art and we’re excited to help share them with the world. We are certain that the news of this epic premiere will make our many attendees very, very happy.”

Themed the “Year of the Fan,” Anime Expo 2011 will fully immerse guests into the world of Japanese animation, manga (comic books), music and fashion. Anime Expo is a non-stop marathon of Japanese pop culture that’s been likened to Halloween in July. More information about the premiere will be announced in the coming weeks.

New Kadokawa Manga Magazine to Run 5+ Anime Tie-Ins

posted on 2011-05-23 05:00 EDT

Loved the first series and wonder how this one connects to it.

Loved the first series and wonder how this one connects to it.[/quote]

Its reimagined, it has new characters and the main character is a girl.

Funimation Adds Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing -

posted on 2011-06-22 16:30 EDT
Streaming, home video rights licensed for new TV series with world premiere at Anime Expo in July


FUNimation Announces LASTEXILE - Fam, The Silver Wing

06/22/2011 at 8:00pm

Funimation announces acquisition of the much anticipated follow up to the fan favorite GONZO series, LASTEXILE -Fam, the Silver Wing- with special events at Anime Expo 2011.

It’s interesting that they’d license this series when there’s no information on when the series will begin. Anyway, I am happy about this, since I am a fan of the first series.

I love last Exile… but wow, never expected Last Exile would have another series… to me, I don’t think it fits the ending of the first series to have a second one with new characters… But I hope it’s good. :lol:

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing’s 2nd Promo Streamed

posted on 2011-08-13 07:30 EDT
Follow-up to Gonzo’s aerial adventure to premiere on TV in October

That’s amazing and look forward to seeing it.

2nd Last Exile Anime to Air Special Before Premiere

posted on 2011-08-26 04:24 EDT

1/1 Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Vanship Being Built

posted on 2011-09-16 07:30 EDT
Made by shop behind 1/2-scale Sky Crawlers plane; October display in Tokyo planned

Animax Asia to Run 2011 Last Exile on Same Day It Airs in Japan

posted on 2011-09-24 11:00 EDT
Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, HK, South Asia, Taiwan

1/1 Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Vanship Being Built[/quote]

That is pretty cool…

1/1 Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Vanship Completed with Video

posted on 2011-10-09 02:00 EDT
Life-size aerial craft model on display in Tokyo before anime’s October 14 debut

It came out great!

Episode 9 –


This was a real “feel good” episode. The three girls have really come together now, once they realized they are together for more than themselves. The impromptu hockey game was great! The birthday party was wonderful, but I’m not too sure about that birthday song! Fam was deeply touched and that cake looked delicious! And Vincent is back! I really love how characters from the old show keep popping up in this one. Not only is it nice to see them again, it’s also nice to see what became of them.

Episode 9.5 –

This was a nice recap episode with beautiful music. :slight_smile: I just love the music in this series!

Funimation Reveals Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing’s English Cast, Trailer

posted on 2013-02-15 19:45 EST
Jad Saxton, Leah Clark, Carrie Savage, Greg Ayres, others star in sequel

Funimation Delays Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing by 5 Months

posted on 2013-02-19 23:54 EST

Knowing Funimation, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the first Last Exile series before the sequel finally comes out. Funi is infamous for delays but it has been a long time since there was a delay on a series about which I cared. The last one was probably the year+ delay on Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor. Of course, that show was an atrocity so I don’t really blame Funi for trying to stall so that they wouldn’t have to subject fans to that.

It’s a shame they didn’t manage to get Crispin back in there as I consider Last Exile to contain the only proper Crispin role that I’ve ever seen…err…heard. Though I’ve nothing against the director of Mushi-shi.

I’m still somewhat disappointed about the setting of the sequel as I didn’t see the filler story & the dubbed ending of Last Exile seemed to leave the show open to a cooler setting for a sequel. Of course, the only thing I really remember about the original ending, after all these years, was the rather hilarious line about tentacles so I might be forgetting something…but I doubt it. :wink: