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List of Free Anime on the Anime Network Online Player



If you do not have a subscription to the Online Player, then “Guest” anime is viewed on Hulu - which is not available outside the US.


forgive me for being a “fool”, but this is confusing me. i live outside the US (from canada) and am not a subscriber. i am able to view the first ep of all these free anime you listed and no more than that. hulu is a no go obviously. if i want to watch the “free” anime i need to subscribe? is that what you’re saying? you asked if i found anything incorrect. for every series i click on, only the first ep is guest, the rest is premium exclusive. so is this correct or incorrect? again thank you and have a nice day


You are not a fool, but you are correct, this is confusing.

If you live outside the US, you must be a Premium Member (Subscribe) to view all anime.
Otherwise, you can only view the first episode.

I’m very sorry that I didn’t include the information about Canada in my first post (I was trying to be complete and think of everything that would cause you not to be able to view the anime, except for the most obvious).


i understand clearly now. thank you for the explanation and your patience.



Feel free to ask any more questions you might have.


Updated list.


Is there going to be another update to this list? Some of the titles on it only show the Hulu-player for non-premium members - Clannad seasons 1 & 2, Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Haikyu!! season 1, and Little Busters! Refrain, just to name a few. I’m in the U.S., and based on one of the previous posts in this thread, I should be able to view these titles on the site’s native player.


I’m working on the list right now, in fact. It’s taking a little longer than normal. Sorry for the delay.


Has something happened to the availability of free anime? I’ve been able to watch Mayo Chiki! up until recently (just finished watching episode 8), but today I noticed that all the episodes were marked “premium”. I checked several other titles on this website that had been available for free and noticed that the episodes were now premium, excluding the occasional free first episodes.


I think the Hulu purge has something to do with this.


It could’ve been. I checked the Anime Network app and this change doesn’t seem to have taken effect there.


I’m assuming this means I’ll now have to get a subscription to watch the shows on this site? Or is there some news regarding whether or not free anime will once again be available on this site in the future?


It’s a strong possibility.


List in first post updated.


Question. I just subscribed but the site made me take a free 2 weeks. I can not watch anything dubbed because it has me as guest. (I like to watch dubbed so I don’t need glasses) So do I have to wait the full 2 weeks before I can watch the dubbed anime?

Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong topic.
Thank you for the help in advanced.



You should be able to access all content during your free trial. I’ll forward this on to Administration, but keep in mind that they won’t be in until Monday morning.

In the future, post all questions/problems in Anime Network Online Player Technical Support thread.


just took awhile. thank you and sorry for taking your time.


Updated list.


Updated first post.