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Anime Network Online's New Website Open Beta


Following the release of our Roku channel, our enterprising team of developers, code monkeys, and testers have been hard at work on a new and improved website for Anime Network Online. We are happy to announce that ANO 3.0 is now released as an open Beta!

Demo the new site's upgraded functionality, enhanced features, and contemporary design!

What Is New:

  • Updated design and layout
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Enhanced HTML5 video player
  • Browse by genre
  • Favorite Shows – Keep track of the shows you love to watch
  • Queue – Manage the videos you want to watch
  • Paused Videos – Pick up watching where you left off
  • Suggestions – Find new titles to watch, based off the shows you already love
  • Fun and interactive “Get Lucky” spinner – For when you can’t decide what to watch

* Some features require a Premium Subscription

We have also made extensive improvements to the online and VOD schedules, as well as the news blog.

Now, remember that this release is a Beta, so it may still have some glitches and wet paint. Which leads us to...

We want to hear your thoughts!

Since our powers of telepathy have not been unlocked, we made a special section in our forums RIGHT HERE for you to talk with our awesome Admins and Mods!

Found a bug? Not sure how something works? Want to suggest a feature for a later update? Let us know! Our Admins are here to help and will report your feedback to the development team.


Disclaimer: No developers or code monkeys were harmed in the making of this website.


[size=16]Windows 7; IE 11[/size]

  1. The first thing I’ve noticed is that you can’t tell if episodes on the OP are Guest or Premium.
    I didn’t Log In so I could see what other users would see, but I still can’t seem to be able to find anything that tells me without clicking on an episode.

  2. Finally got the schedules (VOD) to print and OMG, they’re huge. I used to be able to print an entire month on one piece of paper and now I can’t even print ONE DAY on a single sheet.

  3. The Online Player schedule has a couple of places where episodes are listed, but there’s no anime name.
    Monday, August 10
    Friday, September 4

  4. At the bottom of the New Releases, the pop-up pic still isn’t working correctly for me. After the pic pops up, and I try to scroll down to look at the info, it just scrolls itself back up before I can even read it.

  5. Clicking on Featured takes me to a screen that says:


Windows 7 - Firefox 40.0

On-line schedule page has a notation for guest or premium at the top of the list, but none of the thumbnails have this indication. You have to look at the print version to get this info.

[details=screen shot]


[details=screen shot]


Shows on the “Watch” page do not indicate Premium or Guest. After clicking on something a couple of times, you are told to start your free trial. Also showing “Popular” page.

[details=screen shot]


[details=screen shot]


[details=screen shot]


[details=screen shot]


Watch page – after clicking on “Featured”, it can’t be found.

[details=screen shot]


“Now Playing” - looks a bit messy. Okay, a lot messy.

[details=screen shot]


On the main page the scrolling pictures repeat the same words -
(ex: New Episodes Every Monday @ 1PM Eastern / Watch New Episodes Every Monday @ 1PM Eastern) Perhaps make the text the same size and include Eastern and Pacific times.

[details=screen shot]


Archives section -
Some, not all of the Binge Guides in the Archives have off center pictures.

[details=screen shot]


[details=screen shot]


Some older article’s titles in the archives are too dark color-wise -

[details=screen shot]


There are also a lot of broken pictures in the older archives, but I supposed that happened with the switch to the new forum.

All in all, I like the sleek new look of the website. I think everyone did a great job on this!


Some anime have no sound on Android 5.0.2

Some shows have no sound when trying to watch episodes on my galaxy tab s via both chrome and dolphin browsers.

The shows i have tried so far include:
1. High School of The Dead (dubbed doesn’t have sound but subbed does)
2. Angel Beats! (neither dubbed or subbed have sound)
3. Modern Magic Made Simple works fine

All of the above work if i use chrome to chromecast the html5 feed to my TV directly and not try watching it through Chrome or Dolphin

Edit: Just attempted angel beats on an older tablet running 4.1.1 and the same version of chrome and sound plays fine there for angel beats. Also tested the same episode on my phone using chrome and android 5.0.1 and have no sound.

  1. Which page are you on? Can you send me a link?
  2. Are you on the grid view or the list view?
  3. We’ll look into that.
  4. I think I see what you are talking about. We’ll look into it. Might hit you up later for more details.
  5. Yeah, we haven’t curated that section yet. That’s a “Wet Paint” item.

Thanks for the feedback!!!


You have to click the details link below the episode to see the level and ep title.

Since titles can have mixed levels, we don’t indicate guest/premium on the main browsing pages. That info is available on the show’s page. The access level is at the video level, not the series level. So a show could have 1 episode available to guests, but the rest require a subscription. Or the subtitled version is available to guests, but the dubbed version requires a subscription.

The size of the image denotes the popularity. What would you like to see there?

This is a “wet paint” issue. We’re updating the formatting for these.


[quote=“spazzysam, post:5, topic:8533, full:true”]

  1. Which page are you on? Can you send me a link?[/quote]
    Every anime & every episode - there’s no way to tell if an episode is Guest or Premium without clicking on it.
    I’m not sure what you want me to send you.

2 Are you on the grid view or the list view?[/quote]
List or Print view.

3 We’ll look into that.[/quote]

4 I think I see what you are talking about. We’ll look into it. Might hit you up later for more details.[/quote]
I sent this in before with screenshots and links. I can send that report to you

Yeah, we haven’t curated that section yet. That’s a “Wet Paint” item.[/quote]
All righty

[quote=“spazzysam, post:6, topic:8533”]
You have to click the details link below the episode to see the level and ep title.[/quote]
When I click details all I get is the episode description. No level is indicated.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic[/details]


Ok, I see that the Premium episodes have a dollar sign under the thumbnail. But the Guest episodes seem to have a Closed Caption sign under them.

Clicking on Details doesn’t make difference whether or not this shows up.

Is there an anime that has episodes that are both Premium and Guest?

Used to be the following had both, but now don’t seem to:
Di Di Charat TV (S)
Hakuoki: A Memory of Snow Flowers (S)
Urashiman (S)
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful (D)
You’re Under Arrest Season 1 (D)


Do you mean this “details”

[details=screen shot]


When I click on that I only get an episode description.

[details=screen shot]



@skohem -
Thanks for the report. Can you try watching a video from the old site to see if you get sound on your tablet?
I’ll report this to the dev team.


@LadyOfWicca -
Regarding the Guest/Premium icons for the Online Schedule, I mean the Details link under the show image & title.

[details=screen shot]



[quote=“spazzysam, post:11, topic:8533”]
Regarding the Guest/Premium icons for the Online Schedule, I mean the Details link under the show image & title.[/quote]
I feel like I need to say something about this.

What about the shows that have been up for a long time - this is what both @LadyOfWicca & I are talking about, not the new shows coming up.


While that is a nice feature to have on the Schedule page, what happens to all the people that go straight to the “Watch” page? Also, the Schedule page doesn’t list older shows. This could get confusing.


@Slowhand - Yes. On the Series Page, if the episode is available to guests, there isn’t an icon there. We only put the $ icon to denote that a subscription is required.

Take Fate/Stay Night TV for instance.
If the language selector is set to English Dubbed, the $ icon appears to indicate that the episode is Premium.
If the language selector is set to English Subtitled, there isn’t an icon for subscription requirement. The CC icon denotes that it is subtitled.

screen shot

screen shot

If we see from user feedback that an icon is not intuitive or is causing a lot of confusion, we will change things accordingly.

@Slowhand & @LadyOfWicca
The Schedule page is just for what titles/episodes are coming out in the future.

For shows that have already been released, the user can see the Guest/Premium info on the Series Page.


I can watch Angel Beats via Dolphin Browser just fine, I’ve never been able to watch any episode on chrome before 3.0.


@Skohem - Noted. I’ll include the info in the report to the dev team. THANKS!!!


No Problem, Just downloaded firefox to test it and I get sound while watching angel beats there on the new site. Hope this helps you guys out as i am liking the new site setup.


This is really difficult.
I don’t understand how users are supposed to know that an anime is FREE by seeing the “Closed Captioned” symbol.
Also, when viewing this on a phone, those icons will be really small.

On the OP Schedule page, you use an asterisk and a dollar sign, but in the anime pages themselves, you use the “CC” & dollar sign.

Are there any anime that have both Guest & Premium in the same language?

Like the first few episodes are Free and the last episodes are Premium, like this:

Eps 1-26 are Free & 27-52 are Premium.

But in the new site, all episodes are FREE.


@Slowhand - Yep, it’s already on my list of things to fix after user feedback. “Incorporate guest icon, move to more visible location, and make bigger!”

The Closed Captioned icon has nothing to do with it being free or not. It’s just denoting that the subtitled status. Since it’s causing confusion, it too is on my list to be altered.

Could user some input here:
On the Series Page “Details” is to show the episode summaries. We’re keeping them initially hidden to prevent spoilers from being revealed. Since we use “Details” on other pages for a different purpose, I’m thinking of changing it on the Series Page.
Would “Synposis” or “Summary” be a better alternative?


[quote=“spazzysam, post:19, topic:8533”]
Would “Synopsis” or “Summary” be a better alternative?[/quote]
Either of these would be excellent.