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Lodoss War Online



It’s a Korean MMO developed by L&K and Game On is the publisher in the North America.

Here’s a game screenshot:

-The games main storyline follows the “Grey Witch” LN / Manga story modified into an MMO.

-There are 4 starter classes and each class at level 20 can branch off into an “Elite” class:(after you do a quest)

Jobs (With Job Branches listed afterwards)

-Esquire (Knight / Paladin)
-Oracle (Priest / Monk)
-Magic-User (Sorcerer / Warlock)
-Rogue (Scout / Thief)

(2 other classes are available on the Korean Version of the game, not implemented on here as of yet)

(There isn’t any type of character customization besides a dye that’s available to change a characters color)

General impressions.
-Game is a grindfest, but it does have some interesting game mechanics.(Like the growth system that allows you to spend points on a character to up damage, non combat speed etc.)

-Basically the story treats you as if you are part of the main party but you have to do everything.

If you are a fan of Lodoss it might be worth your time, but the servers are in Korea so the game can get a bit laggy…

I’d rate it a 3 out of 5, for interesting leveling system, and seeing all the characters from the show.

Negatives are it’s laggy, Dated Graphics (Diablo II level as you can see from the screenshot), and kind of a grindfest. Also the translation is a little wonky, so be prepared for that.

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Cast for “Record of Lodoss War - Online” Heroes Announced

February 09, 2016 7:08am CST
Service opens on February 16th

Record of Lodoss War Online goes live on 6 April 2017

clicking the link will take you to the games web page


That is so ol’ skool, yo!


With the Change over to Game N Game, The Game has been updated to include the Shaman Class

Shaman can evolve to Either an Elementalist or Ranger.

Here’s the link to the Game & Game website:


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i would hope so since it is based off of a replay of a D&D game, which means it might get some problems with HASBRO. :thinking: