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Record of Lodoss War / Lodoss Tō Senki

Record of Lodoss War / Lodoss Tō Senki (OAV)

Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Created from the aftermath of the last great battle of the gods, Lodoss and its kingdoms have been plagued by war for thousands of years. As a quiet peace and unity finally become foreseeable over the land, an unknown evil begins to stir. An ancient witch has awakened, bent on preserving the island of Lodoss by creating political unbalance throughout the many kingdoms and keeping any one from maintaining central control. Only a mixed-race party of six young champions, led by the young warrior Parn, stand between this new threat and Lodoss’ decent back into the darkness of war and destruction.
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 1990-06-30 to 1991-11-20

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Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (TV)

Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Five years after the death of the Emperor of Marmo in the War of Heroes, Parn is now the Free Knight of Lodoss, he and his old allies now famous through the land. However, the Emperor’s right-hand-man, Ashram, seeks the scepter of domination to re-unify Lodoss under his former leader’s banner. Meanwhile, beyond his attempts at conquest lies a more sinister force beginning to set the stage for the resurrection of the goddess of death and destruction…
Number of episodes: 27
Vintage: 1998-04-01 to 1998-09-30

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Meshimase Lodoss-tō Senki Sorette Oishii no?

Vintage: 2014-04-06

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Record of Grancrest War / Grancrest Senki

Genres: fantasy
Plot Summary: Fearing disaster brought about by chaos, the people lived protected by “Lords;” those with the power of “Crests,” used to suppress the chaos. However, the Lords decided to abandon their posts and began fighting against each other secretly in war, stealing each other’s Crests to gain dominion over one another. Among these people are Siluca, a lone mage who despises the Lords, and Theo, a vagrant knight who continues his journey of training to someday liberate his homeland from tyrannical rule. They make an oath as master and retainer, with hopes of bringing reform Atlatan, the land ruled by chaos.
Number of Episodes: 24
Vintage: 2018-01-05

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Legend of Crystania - The Motion Picture Vintage: 1995-07-29
Legend of Crystania: The Chaos Ring (OAV) Vintage: 1996-11-21 to 1997-04-03
Welcome to Lodoss Island! (movie) Vintage: 1998-04-25


I watched the first few episodes of this, and so far I really like it. I don’t think it’s really amazing, but it’s a solid show. I’m not sure if it holds up very well compared to more modern shows in the genre, like say Moribito, and it has aged quite a bit, but it’s a good show. I wouldn’t call it a “holy grail” of anime, nor would I say it’s the best example of the genre, but it is a good show. I really like the characters, especially Deedlit, the elf girl, played by Lisa Ortiz. As far as the dub goes, it’s good. Nothing amazing, but still a good dub. This is one of the earlier NYC area dubs from CPM (this was actually dubbed in New York State, not Manhattan IIRC), after they stopped working with Manga Video UK for their dubs. I do think Michael Bakewell could have done a much better job on this, then NYC, despite my love for NYC. But this dub is good, just feels very dated. It’s incredibly well cast, but there are quite a few awkward lines here and there. And the small roles/bit roles feel very amateurish. I do like the main cast though, despite not being 100% air tight. I LOVED Lisa Ortiz in her first role (if not, then one of her first), and I always enjoyed the work of Greg Wolfe . He’s incredibly well cast here. Really liked him in Maze too. (and not sure if he was joking or not, but he claimed to record this show in the nude, since their air conditioner was broken lol! Kinda creepy listening to some naked guy if you think about it…) This is one of the earlier NYC area dubs from CPM, dubbed in early 1996. And it’s much better then say ** Birdy the Mighty** or something. Just don’t expect a Slayers level dub on this, and you should be fine. I do kinda of wish Bakewell got this, or a few more dubs around this time though. He was a really great director for his time. Be nice to see what he could do today.

As far as the production values go. The music is pretty good, and I REALLY love the art style. All the characters look great, and the color palette chosen was great. That’s why it’s kind of a shame that the animation is pretty terrible at times. It’s ok in the first episode, but after that there’s a real drop off, and it’s kinda crappy for as far as I saw. Then again the anime is 20 years old now…can’t be too hard on it.

(There’s a reason I’m making this topic now. Hint Hint! Think about it…)

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I watched this sometime ago on Anime Selects. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I don’t believe I ever got to see the ending. I kept hoping this would be one of the CPM titles that ADV picked up from them, but so far nothing. I would like to get this on DVD someday.

Don’t buy CPMs DVDs…trust me ;).

Hmmm… considering ***** ****

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BTW Prede, it’s LoDOSS, not LoDASS. That sounds like it’s yaoi counterpart! LOL

Shhh! And your detective skillz are leet :wink:

LOL…opps I typed this whole thing out once and it deleted. SO I rushed this time through it lol. I suck at typeing.

That’s pretty awesome. If someone was going to get it, I would rather it be them then some other companies. ***** ****** ******** :frowning:

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That has happened to me before as well. The weekly sales threads take forever to make, and once I was at the last listing, finished it up, and error. Always remember to Control-C at the end! :slight_smile:

Having both the OVA and TV DVDs I can only offer these thoughts:

-OVA story is a lot better than the TV story imo (Although the TV story is closer to how the Manga went.)

-Animation on the OVAs are better than TV (OVAs were done by TBS, while TV was done by AIC)

-I can wholeheartedly recommend the OVAs, although the English voice acting is a little weak in some parts. (I usually watch them with Subtitles).

-TV series has “Welcome to Lodoss Island” in which all the characters are Chibi versions of themselves as a backup to the main story. (Some people like it, others hate it YMMV)

WoW if the animation is better in the OVA series, then I can’t imagine how bad it is in the TV series. The OVA has some terrible animation at times. The artwork is amazing though. Madhouse did the OVA series, TBS is just a producer. Madhouse is the actual animation studio, and they usually do a great job. Shame that this got a poor budget it seems. OVA’s usually get the big bucks…wonder what happened.

Thank you very much for the info/opinion on both series. You rule!

Yes you’re right, maybe I didn’t make it clear, the Drawing detail in the OVAs is high. The animation has good and bad spots. TV drawing detail is a bit lower. Animation is generally smoother in the TV Series

totally, they might have simplified the look of some of the characters in the TV, some of the frames per second were less, but the TV coming out almost a decade later made for a smoother transition for quality.

This is one of my favorites and one of the anime I got on tape when I first started get into anime. I enjoyed both and actually got the guy who played Parn in both to sign my copy of the OVA at Anime Next last year. Now I just need Lisa Ortiz to autograph it. Though I had a chance 6 years ago but I was rookie con goer at the time.

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Chances are you’ll probably have to wait until the next time Lisa Ortiz decides to go to a con.

But seriously, this is one of my personal favorite Anime series, and the dub is one that I love watching unreservedly. I wrote a detailed review on it and its follow-up, Chronicles of the Heroic Knight on my blogspot.
The OVA Dub Review
The TV Dub Review

Record of Lodoss War Fantasy Project Inspires TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2014-03-14 09:00 EDT
Meshimase Lodoss-tō Senki Sorette Oishii no? to premiere on April 6

1st Lodoss Story by Creator in 8 Years Comes With Unaired Anime

posted on 2014-11-25 15:30 EST

Ryo Mizuno’s Record of Grancrest War Light Novel Series Gets Anime

posted on 2016-10-22 04:18 EDT
New series by Lodoss creator launched in 2013

While Aniplex makes me sad, Since if I do buy it it’s going to cost a bit, I’m so watching this…

Teaser Trailer for “Record of Grancrest War” Drops the Bass

October 24, 2016 4:19pm CDT
Upcoming anime adaptation is based on a series of fantasy light novels written by Ryo Mizuno and illustrated by Miyū

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Funimation Licenses Record of Lodoss War OVA, TV Series

posted on 2017-04-14 06:45 EDT
Company to release both projects in 1 set on July 18

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