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Log Horizon Dubbed?


Hey there.

I was curious when there will be a dubbed LH 2 for us to see?



Log Horizon, Season 2, dubbed version is not available on Anime Network’s Online Player as of yet, however you can buy it at Sentai Filmworks Shop or RightStuf.


I think they were asking and I have been wondering the same thing is when may we see the dub on Anime Network’s Online? the dubbed videos have been out for months now so I don’t see what the delay is for. just my thoughts.


I don’t have any information on when it will be available for the Online Player. Until Sentai Filmworks & The Anime Network make an official announcement, one would have to buy it to see it.


how much longer do we have to wait for Log Horizon, Season 2 to have the dubbed version here on Anime Networks Online. Hulu has the dubbed version. I much rather watch here than on Hulu.


I can only tell you what I said before:

Until Sentai Filmworks & Anime Network make some sort of announcement, it’s unknown when it will be available on the Online Player.