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Welcome music lovers! :smile: I felt it was time to share some of my favorite music with the realm of TAN. As a quick preview of things to come, I will start by saying I love all things ROCK! Whether it be classic (Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Who), hard rock (Seether, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace), or even symphonic metal (Delain, Nightwish, Within Temptation)… it’s all music to my ears. So I will be seeing what I can dig up to share with you guys, and I hope you enjoy.

I notice that we have some symphonic metal fans out there in some of the other music threads. Symphonic metal is one of my top choices in music just because of the sheer beauty of the vocals and complexity of the music. I hope you guys enjoy some of my picks, and please feel free to suggest some of your own top symphonic favs’. There is nothing that makes me happier than discovering new music… and new anime of course. Like I said, suggestions are much appreciated!

As a further thought, you can also never have enough J-Pop/Rock! Some of my top artist favs’ thus far are Abingdon Boys School, Baby Metal, Faylan, Kokia & T.M. Revolution; Takanori Nishikawa’s side project. If I happen to find any vids’ featuring these and other Japanese artists, I will make sure to post them here too. If anyone has other suggestions of similar artists… please let me know, and I will see what I can discover to add to my vast collection.

Of course… it doesn’t just stop at good ol’ rock & roll! Who can live without a little techno & dubstep in their life… right!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll be searching all things that I feel are catchy, and after hearing some of them I doubt you can get them out of your head. Music is simply the best when all kinds of elements come together. That is how masterpieces are made! Make sure to always check back and see what I have discovered that you may like too! So where to begin? Let’s see here… :no_mouth:


NOTE: Since many things were broken in the old thread, I just decided that it would be easier to make a new one here. I’ll be adding new stuff mixed with the old as I go. So much work… so little motivation! :no_mouth:


Let’s get this thing kicked off with some new music that I found a couple weeks ago done by various artists as a promo for League of Legends. What’s great about this is that it’s free too! I will supply the legit download link under the video players at the bottom of the post. Enough rambling! Get the noise playing already… :smirk:

[size=20]Pentakill - Lightbringer[/size]


[size=20]Pentakill - Last Whisper[/size]


[size=20]Pentakill - Thornmail[/size]


[size=20]Pentakill - Deathfire Grasp[/size]

Pentakill’s Official Artist/Band Homepage:

Pentakill’s Official Album Download Link: Artist Info, Pentakill:


Here’s a little something that I like that is from one of the contributing vocal artists, ZP Theart, to the above post as he appears with one of the various bands within his music career. He is best known for being the lead singer to DragonForce which I will post various things from later. Anyway, here is my fav’ for now… :smile:

[size=20]I Am I - See You Again[/size]

I Am I’s Official Band Homepage:

I Am I’s YouTube Channel:

Wikipedia Artist Info, I Am I:


And thus, continuing with this metal mix-up… :imp:

[size=20]Amorphis - The Wanderer[/size]

Amorphis’ Official Band Homepage:

Amorphis’ YouTube Channel:

Nuclear Blast Records’ YouTube Channel (Search ‘Amorphis’): Artist Info, Amorphis:


To add a bit of new in here before I add some of my old postings for the following songs, here is another collaboration from several artists that I’m sure many will recognize. This is a pretty cool music video set that tells a story in a way. Hope you enjoy if you haven’t seen them already… :sunglasses:

[size=19]Apocalyptica Video Set, Video #1 - End Of Me featuring Gavin Rossdale[/size]


[size=19]Apocalyptica Video Set, Video #2 - Not Strong Enough featuring Doug Robb[/size]


[size=19]Apocalyptica Video Set, Video #3 - Broken Pieces featuring Lacey Sturm[/size]

Apocalyptica’s Official Band Homepage:

Apocalyptica’s YouTube Channel: Artist Info, Apocalyptica:


Next up are a couple songs from the hard rock band with a Christian background… Nine Lashes. I decided to go ahead and post both of these since only two videos exist currently that I know of on the cursed Tube. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=20]Nine Lashes - Anthem Of The Lonely[/size]


[size=20]Nine Lashes - Get Back[/size]

Nine Lashes’ Official Band Homepage:

Tooth & Nail Records’ Homepage, Nine Lashes:’s Artist Info, Nine Lashes:


Sticking with rock, with this next one having the lightest touch of country, here is my top fav’ from the one and only Daughtry… plus an extra. It is funny that the lead singer Chris Daughtry did not win American Idol back in 2006 when he was first discovered. I’ll be adding some new songs later from them too very soon.

But as for the next song I mentioned, I chose this song for its deep spiritual meaning of love, life & death, and that which lies beyond… :smile:

[size=20]Daughtry - Open Up Your Eyes[/size]


As for the extra, I decided to mix this post with some new as I go. Here is another fav’ of mine from their latest album, Baptized. The album was a little less rock oriented though. But, guess what the song is called… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[size=20]Daughtry - Baptized[/size]

Daughtry’s Official Band Homepage:

Daughtry’s YouTube Channel: Artist Info, Daughtry:


Getting back to some reposts for now from the old thread, here is a little miss that I grew up with listening to her music… Pat Benatar! I had gone to one of her concerts about 10 years back, and she could still rock indeed! Here’s a couple of her hits along with some Live performances to see… :sunglasses:

[size=20]Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot[/size]


[size=20]Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, 1980)[/size]


[size=20]Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker[/size]


[size=20]Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker (Live At The Rock Pop Show, Germany, First European Tour, 1980)[/size]

Pat Benatar’s Official Artist/Band Homepage: Artist Info, Pat Benatar:

About Pat Benatar on Wikipedia:


Rock vixens… keep my heart beating! Who can like Pat Benatar without liking Heart too! Here is one that I’m sure that everyone out there can remember both young and older. I actually have the original vinyl record release of this believe it or not. Of course, that is for those that know what vinyl actually is… LOL! Here it is along with another vintage Live performance I found… :smile:

[size=20]Heart - Barracuda[/size]


[size=20]Heart - Barracuda (Live On The German TV Show “The Beat”, 1977)[/size]

Heart’s Official Band Homepage:

Heart’s YouTube Channel: Artist Info, Heart:


Here’s a classic rock influenced song by the 4 Non Blondes that I have been seeing get a lot of attention lately. Even though the band had only released one album, they will always be awesome still! The female lead singer, Linda Perry, later went off to become a music producer who has helped produce and write songs on hit albums by Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Osbourne, and Pink. She is a true musical genius, and with that, enjoy this brilliant song… :open_mouth:

[size=20]4 Non Blondes - What’s Up[/size] Artist Info, 4 Non Blondes:

About 4 Non Blondes on Wikipedia:


I like 'em both (though my classic rock stations would argue that Benatar doesn’t really fit that bill lol) but I can barely understand a word that Ann Wilson sings. Shoot, it’s easier to understand Tarja Turunen on the live Nightwish albums (ie:the good ones) than Wilson and Turunen sang the English lyrics phonetically lol.


[quote=“celestial_being, post:12, topic:7740”]
I like 'em both (though my classic rock stations would argue that Benatar doesn’t really fit that bill lol) but I can barely understand a word that Ann Wilson sings. Shoot, it’s easier to understand Tarja Turunen on the live Nightwish albums than Wilson and Turunen sang the English lyrics phonetically lol.[/quote]

I concur with this… LOL! :smile:


These guys dress like me on Saturdays… LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[size=20]Royz - Lilia[/size]

Royz’s Official Band Homepage (Japanese):

Gan Shin Records’ YouTube Channel (Search ‘Royz’): Artist Info, Royz:


Pictures, please! :laughing:


[quote=“LadyOfWicca, post:14, topic:7740”]
Pictures, please![/quote]

I actually wouldn’t mind sporting some visual kei stuff to take some pictures at least… just as long as it wasn’t too girly looking. :laughing: And never! My secret vampire life shall not be revealed. :smirk:


You may recognize these guys already, Wicca… :smile:

[size=20]The GazettE - Pledge[/size]

The GazettE’s Official Band Homepage (Japanese):

The GazettE’s YouTube Channel: Artist Info, The GazettE: