Lupin Steals The "Game" Show

Hey there glad you could join me on today’s game show on Who Where or What Did “Lupin” steal this time?

Rules of the game. Pick a partner in crime from any show ( one per post ) and then you give a title to your heist and name or post a pic of an item you want to take if you could get a way with it so then you post “Your The Greatest Ever” and say why is that (then you would be the new world greatest thief ) and the below poster is the police first and tries to give a reason as to why you shouldn’t have that one item that the above person posted and then in the same post the below person turns into a crooked cop and tells what they want to steal something and post Their The Greatest Ever and say why they are.

Ok hope that was clear for everyone if you have any quick questions let me know

My partner in crime is going to be

  • Kisugi Hitomi
    The Italian Part time Job
    And the item up for grabs is this little beauty

Im the greatest ever because im cool like that

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But… Ferrari are so expensive to keep maintained…

Hmm… My partner will be Mikan Yuki and we will be acquiring this!


Mikan and Maou: “We’re the greatest at cooking amazing dishes!”

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But… Chefs don’t need cookbooks they create their own masterpieces from scratch….

My new partner would be Kitagawa Marin
Smile your on ripped off by the best
I would take off with this the real one

I’m the greatest by far I’m a natural