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Anime Meets Capt. Obvious

Hey members This is Obviously a another new TAN game I concocted from the inspiration of watching way too many of those commercials I know we’ve all seen them and laughed :laughing: a little at that old Captain
So I made an Anime version for the fun of it and it’s Rating E for everybody to play

Rules you pick a anime show(s) and choose a character(s) and the post a fact or statement about it and it can be real or fake ( sounds like fun doesn’t it ) and the below person will post thanks captain obvious or however you show your appreciation if that was help and if not you can be sarcastic and say something like thanks mr know it all but remember this game is Rating E and everyone deserves respect so keep post respectful

I’ll start

One piece is a pirate show that stars the great Capt. Laffy and his ship the Black Pearl