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Hosting A Winter Celebration

No one likes to be out in the cold night air
so stay in where its warm by the computer aided hot spot ( that is TAN ) sizzling

bring your goodies that you keep in the jar
with normally you wouldnt share but its a special occasion
So Share with the group

and bring warm greetings to all of our beloved TAN member you meet

and slow bring your specialty hot chocolate thanks a bunch

so hope to see you here in the thread to be

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Ooh! Slow makes specialty hot chocolate?

I can’t wait! :grin:

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Is it winter already so it is
We are going to have a celebration here on TAN of coruse
So everybody join in and chit chat with ur face member

The food is the most important for of the celebration
So bring the best recipes u can find

So other than that let’s party

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