Meiji Gekken: 1874

Meiji Gekken: 1874

Plot Summary: In 1874, it’s been seven years since the start of the Meiji Era, and the Japanese government is pushing its policies to catch up with the might of the Western nations. Former Aizu retainer Shizuma Origasa has thrown away his sword and gotten rid of his topknot and is now a rickshaw driver in Tokyo, but his swordsmanship skills from the Boshin War are still alive and well. He is looking for his wife, Sumie Kanomata, who went missing during the Boshin War. Shizuma is recruited into the police force after he ends up thwarting the assassination attempt of a government official. At the same time, Kyōshirō Shuragami is a talented one-eyed swordsman who is a member of the Moriya-gumi yakuza gang that is embroiled in a turf war in Tokyo. The Moriya-gumi are working with wealthy merchants in the trafficking of opium, and the profits are being paid to a mastermind plotting to overthrow the government to return Japan to a place for samurai.
Vintage: 2024-01-14

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