Missing Kiba Episode

direct tv 76179.

missing kiba episode #40. was hoping it was a glitch and waited a couple of weeks hoping it would fix itself. still not in the VOD que.

Any thoughts?

I’ll report it to them asap. In the future, feel free to report it in this forum as soon as you notice something not working.

Forgot to mention, you can also watch it for free on Anime Network Online Player starting tomorrow noon to Saturday noon (Central Time) as part of the Anime Network 7th Anniversary event.

thanks. I catch it there then. the episode description looked like it was going to one of those “back story” episodes.

dragoon wrote:

I did not get that message in time. :frowning:

Episode 40 of Kiba on the Online Player has a yellow star, not a red one.
That means it is premium content, not available to registered users.

Can the power’s that be arrange it so that http://theanimenetwork.com/component/option,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,32/limit,10/limitstart,470/#17949 are viewable for free?

09-17 Cosmo Warrior Zero 11 - Great Technologia 09-17 Cosmo Warrior Zero 12 - Endless Battle 09-17 Gun Frontier 11 - Secret Weapon Factory in Jamacity! 09-17 Kiba 40 - Sought After Power 09-17 Maria Watches Over Us (Sub) 11 - White Petals 09-17 Princess Resurrection (Sub) 21 - Princess Banishment 09-17 Princess Resurrection (Sub) 22 - Princess Slaughter plus one more: 09-24 Aria 13 - That White Morning

I’ll let them know/ask.